Vinny Curry: career likely over for New York Jets (NFL) defensive end after post-injection blood clots, “rare blood disorder”

A 33-year-old NFL defensive end will miss the entire 2021 season and is likely done playing professional football. Mainstream media, however, are completely censoring the reason why.

Mr. Vinny Curry received one of the experimental mRNA injections sometime this summer. He did a public service announcement promoting and encouraging people to get the “safe, effective” injections. Mr. Curry also confirmed that he received the shots himself in the PSA. Atlantic Health System in Morristown, New Jersey produced the PSA. It is one of the largest healthcare networks in the state, encompassing six hospitals in 11 New Jersey counties. Atlantic Health posted the PSA on Facebook on August 3.

Interestingly or otherwise, the “most relevant” comment that shows up under the PSA on Facebook talks about blood clots and heart issues after the mRNA injections.

Curry health declines after “vaccine”

Mr. Curry had his spleen removed in July due to a “rare blood disorder” that suddenly popped up out of nowhere. New York Jets team doctors said he would still be ready to play football by mid-September despite having his spleen removed. Your spleen filters blood and recycles old red blood cells. It’s possible to live without your spleen, but your liver, kidneys and other organs must work harder to make up for its absence.

Last week, Mr. Curry updated everyone via Instagram and Twitter. He said doctors also diagnosed him with blood clots, forcing him to take blood thinners for the foreseeable future. Blood clots are common and known post-injection adverse events.

Due to the blood clots, Curry will now miss the entire 2021 NFL season. Mr. Curry is 33 and was only going to play four more years max in the NFL regardless. His career is likely over as a result of his current condition. But mainstream media have completely buried the cause of his condition.

Strange world of the NFL and COVID-19

ESPN, Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports are three of the top U.S. sports mainstream media outlets. All of them reported on August 25 that Mr. Curry would miss the entire 2021 season due to blood clots and a “rare blood disorder.” However, none of them mentioned that he received one of the experimental mRNA injections sometime over the summer. Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh said in a July 28 press conference (9:42 mark) that 81 of the 90 players on the training camp roster had received the experimental injections.

At least two NFL assistant coaches were fired this summer for refusing mandatory mRNA or viral vector DNA injections. The NFL mandates that all “Tier 1” personnel, meaning coaches, trainers, etc., receive the experimental injections as a condition of employment. Players are not required to get the injections, but face childish, petulant restrictions because of their personal medical decisions. The Buffalo Bills are continually in the headlines for those reasons.

Wide receiver Cole Beasley is non-vaccinated. He was sent home to quarantine for five days because he came in close contact with a “fully-vaccinated” team trainer who tested positive for COVID-19. Beasley also allegedly was not wearing a mask. So again, the fully-vaxxed trainer tested positive. Non-vaccinated Beasley tested negative. But Beasley was sent home to quarantine. Isaiah McKenzie, another non-vaxxed Bills receiver, posted the letter on Twitter from the NFL fining him $15,000 for not wearing a mask.

Bills free safety Jordan Poyer was not among the five Bills players sent home. But Poyer’s wife, model Rachel Bush, called out the sheer silliness and ridiculousness of the entire situation on Twitter. She also stated the facts when she said, “the vaccinated are putting others at risk.”

Vaccinated Seattle Seahawks tight end Luke Willson retires

Lost in all the Buffalo drama was another vaccine casualty on the other side of the country. Seahawks tight end Luke Willson announced on August 25 via Twitter that he was retiring from football. The 31-year-old cited several days spent in the hospital over the summer due to “pericardial effusion.”

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll announced on July 28 that 90 of 91 players on his team were vaccinated. Thus Willson developed a known adverse effect to the mRNA injections (pericarditis) and it cost him his career. NFL players aren’t the only professional athletes losing their careers and livelihoods after the experimental injections.

We wrote about Italian volleyball player Francesca Marcon last week. The 38-year-old missed her team’s opening practices last week and is unclear if or when she will return. Pedro Obiang is a Spanish-born soccer player. He was hospitalized for 10 days over the summer after developing post-injection myocarditis. Mr. Obiang had received the second dose of either Pfizer or Moderna mRNA five days before he was hospitalized. Doctors say he’s out for at least six months. But mostly likely, his career is over.

The MLB (baseball) Network is forcing Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz and former New York Yankees pitcher Al Leiter to do their analyst duties remotely. They are no longer allowed in the studios because they are non-vaccinated.

NFL embracing segregation

The NFL is not the NBA. The latter players get fully guaranteed contracts. NFL contracts are essentially toilet paper. The only money players bank on is the signing bonuses for new contracts.

Mr. Curry signed a 5-year, $47.25 million contract in 2016. He received his $23 million signing bonus and base salary for 2016 and 2017. But he was cut in March 2018 and the contract was void. Mr. Curry signed a one-year deal in March 2021. He’ll get his full $1 million salary despite being on injured reserve. But Willson, because he retired, will get paid nothing for the 2021 season.

Several NFL stars, including free agent quarterback Cam Newton and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Deandre Hopkins have refused to get the injections. In fact FS1 commentator Shannon Sharpe, who is a die-hard vaxx supporter, suggested that the New England Patriots cut Newton because he refused the injections.

So far two NFL careers (Curry and Willson) are likely over because of the mRNA injections. We’ve already covered the story of two cricket players collapsing on the field during a match. NFL players are 93% vaccinated. It’s inevitable that this scenario is going to happen at some point during the NFL season. The only mystery is how the NFL and mainstream media will spin it.

Hopkins even contemplating giving up his $40-plus million job if forced to take experimental shots. Granted he’s sitting pretty from previous contracts. But if he can give up his millionaire salary, you can give up your $30 per hour nurse, marketing or administrative gig if it means mRNA or not.

Segregation is imperial law meant to subjugate others. Separation is a voluntary act to avoid contact with certain individuals. For now, all of us have a choice between the two. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.