“Herd Stupidity”: The Manufactured Covid Crisis, the Gene-based mRNA “Vaccine” and “The Pinnacles of Wealth and Power”

No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed

UK to 18 August 2021 – 1,609 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 1,165,636 injuries, per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

USA to 20 August 2021 – 13,627 Covid-19 injection related deathsand 2,932,001 injuries, per VAERS database.

TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 38,488 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 6,263,922 injuries reported as at 30 August 2021.   

Source: D4CE

Copious anecdotal evidence points to the insistence of many medical authorities that they do not want to investigate let a lone report and treat vaccine deaths and injuries. The reporting takes a considerable amount of time and it is not remunerated. Some medical professional clearly fear that by even acknowledging let alone treating vaccine deaths and injuries, they will bring on the professional reproaches of their colleagues.

The failure to set up reliable and credible systems for reporting vaccine deaths and injuries before embarking upon this huge medical experiment is indicative of incompetence or bad intent or both. Joseph Mercola discussed this phenomenon in early July of 2021 just before he was targeted by the Biden White House as one of the “Disinformation Dozen.” In an article entitled, “COVID Vaccine Deaths and injuries Are Secretly Buried,” Mercola writes

Failing to require vaccine makers to put together a comprehensive system to capture adverse event data is a sign of incompetence at best. But that’s not all. The FDA really starts appearing deceitful when refusing to acknowledge that the VAERS reports indicate there are problems. To call “coincidence” more than 35,000 times is simply not believable, and to dismiss the risks of permanent disability and death as being “worth it” is beyond heartless, seeing how we have safe and effective treatments and no one actually needs to gamble their health on an experimental gene therapy. See this.

The inability of people to know if tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of humans have already died from vaccines is indicative of a highly deregulated process. This phenomenon edifies the great weight of evidence that deception and obfuscation are being made to prevail, not the precision and transparency associated with conscientious adherence to the scientific method.

Another indicator of bad faith by unethical regulators is the paucity of autopsies done on the corpses of people who die shortly after vaccinations. In the manufactured COVID crisis, autopsies are either not encouraged or outright discouraged. What would account for such a lack of curiosity to get to the bottom of what is really going on in causing vaccine deaths? Neither are health officials encouraged to collect and analyse vaccine vials, a frequent practise in the era before the supposedly new coronavirus dominated the entire infrastructure of health care. See this.

Clot Shots

Among lethal ingredients of the witches’ brews in the clot shots being pushed upon us so aggressively, are ingredients whose effect is the mass replication of HIV-containing spike proteins. The fertility-destroying clot shots contain the means of replicating blood-damaging spike proteins throughout the huge extent of the inside surfaces of the veins and arteries and many miles of tiny capillary channels that constitute our cardio-vascular systems. The disruption of blood cells and blood flows is particularly intense in female uteruses and male testes so that the COVID jabs may well be creating the basis for much infertility.

Expectations that the COVID vaccines contained the capacity to generate blood clots, blood hemorrhaging, thrombosis, and ailments of the heart were already well advanced among many medical practitioners well before these problems began to attract significant publicity. In a letter dated 28 February, 2021 to Emer Cooke, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency, twelve medical authorities, all distinguished in their respective medical fields, demanded answers to key questions. They asserted that these questions deserved evidence-based answers before the granting of emergency use authorization to the three vaccine makers.

The terms of the request by Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) were outlined as follows:

Should all such evidence not be available, we demand that approval for use of the gene-based vaccines be withdrawn until all the above issues have been properly addressed by the exercise of due diligence by the EMA. [Their bold italics]

There are serious concerns, including but not confined to those outlined above, that the approval of the COVID-19 vaccines by the EMA was premature and reckless, and that the administration of the vaccines constituted and still does constitute “human experimentation”, which was and still is in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

In view of the urgency of the situation, we request that you reply to this email within seven days and address all our concerns substantively. Should you choose not to comply with this reasonable request, we will make this letter public See this.

Of the 7 points outlined, 3 of them contend that the gene therapy vaccines would do extensive damage to vascular systems and the blood flowing through them. Not surprisingly the language is quite technical beginning with a reference to “endothelial damage.” Such damage would involve injury to the inside walls of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. The doctors explain,

4. If such evidence is not available, it must be expected that endothelial damage with subsequent triggering of blood coagulation via platelet activation will ensue at countless sites throughout the body. We request evidence that this probability was excluded in pre-clinical animal models with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.

5. If such evidence is not available, it must be expected that this will lead to a drop in platelet counts, appearance of D-dimers in the blood, and to myriad ischaemic lesions throughout the body including in the brain, spinal cord and heart. Bleeding disorders might occur in the wake of this novel type of DIC-syndrome including, amongst other possibilities, profuse bleedings and haemorrhagic stroke. We request evidence that all these possibilities were excluded in pre-clinical animal models with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.

6. The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binds to the ACE2 receptor on platelets, which results in their activation Thrombocytopenia has been reported in severe cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Thrombocytopenia has also been reported in vaccinated individuals. We request evidence that the potential danger of platelet activation that would also lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) was excluded with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.

Here is yet more evidence that the European drug regulators were negligent in heeding the intervention of well-known authorities in their fields. In ignoring the well-founded scientific intervention of 28 February, the regulators only heeded the interests of the pharmaceutical companies, not the interests of the public. Negligence in regulation tends to translate into effective deregulation.

Deregulation and the Public Interest

Generally speaking, deregulation subjects most people together with our governments to increased levels of corporate rule. Hence, deregulation favors the power of wealth over the power of average people. The proliferation of deregulation itself is a reflection of the reality that ordinary people have been shown to “have little or no independent influence” on government policies. See this.

Deregulation is a word popularized in the 1980s when US President Ronald Reagan promised that he would free corporations from intrusive government interference in their business activities. The deregulation of the Wall Street-based financial services industry in 1999 led directly to huge excesses in the manipulation of a large array of weird financial instruments known as derivatives. Derivatives derive value from underlying assets including commodities, money, and stocks. In 2008 the exuberant excesses of betting on derivatives crashed stock markets and local economies throughout the world.

The very financial institutions whose excessive speculation had caused the financial debacle in the first place were then empowered to raid national treasuries. In the name of deregulation, the big Wall Street banks and their international partners helped themselves to $29 in bailout funds This Federal Reserve giveaway to large financial institutions was funded on the basis of secretly foisting massive debts on the shoulders of taxpayers. See this.

With Wall Street’s BlackRock Inc serving as a kind of proxy for the big banks that own controlling interest in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the deregulated money spigots are once again being opened up in 2021. The creation of new money is finding its way into all manner of nefarious activities including the creation of political slush funds to reward cronies of governing kleptocrats. The secretive expansion of the money supply stems largely from the attempt to smooth over the economic wreckage brought about through the proliferation of house arrests, unemployment, and small business failures done in the name of government-mandated COVID lockdowns.

The current round of highly-inflationary money creation is replicating and extending many of the most kleptocratic patterns established in response to the bank-generated economic meltdown of 2008. See this.

Once again a disproportionately large portion of the new money being generated, is going to enrich the already wealthy by further indebting the most indebted class of citizens. This pattern is being replicated across many forms of deregulation. Typically, most of the rewards of deregulation go to the interests of privilege while the financial security, health, and overall wellbeing of those inhabiting the middle and bottom portions of socio-economic hierarchies are severely undermined.

The waging of class assault directed downward on the masses from the very pinnacles of wealth and power is well illustrated by the financial dimensions of the manufactured COVID crisis. This crisis is providing cover for secret manipulations by financial insiders in the process of bringing about the greatest upward transfer of monetary wealth in history. Billionaires are making a killing while the middle class is being decimated to create a society polarized between rich and poor with very little in between.

This propensity is well demonstrated during lockdowns when big box store chains like Costco and Wal-Mart can remain open while local governments regularly shut down ma-and-pa businesses by the score. Wall Street gets the gravy while the small business entrepreneurs on Main Street are regularly shut down and forced out of business. See this.

The Industrial Capture of Regulatory Agencies 

Deregulation is not always bad. Sometimes regulatory regimes become so onerous and complex that they need to be cut back. Deregulation, however, generally has grave destructive impact when industries succeed in taking over regulatory agencies in ways that impact the quality of our food, air, and water.

The same is true of pharmaceutical drugs, a commercial realm where pharmaceutical companies seed their own agents throughout government agencies like Health Canada, the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Authority, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the National Institute of Health. Throughout the manufactured COVID crisis Anthony Fauci, a major owner of patents in fields where he exercises regulatory authority, has become an embodiment of the kind of conflict-of-interest where the industrial capture of the regulatory authority of governments has become the rule rather than the aberration.  

The manufactured COVID crisis is presenting us with an especially stark example of how readily the deregulation of the provision of health care can be exploited by the interests of wealth and power. This exploitation gravely disadvantages the public interest. The public interest is best expressed in the application of common sense to public policy.

With deregulation, industries took control of regulating their own commercial activities.

A major aim of most deregulation is to privatize the accumulation of more wealth by the already wealthy and to leave the expense of, say, industrial clean up or the rehabilitation of injured or traumatized workers to be covered out of the purses of taxpayers. A classic illustration of this pattern is the government agreement going back to 1986 to indemnify vaccine manufacturers against being sued.

Pharmaceutical companies thereby privatize profits from the vaccine business even as they pass on to average citizens the expense of the damage their industry leaves behind. The heaviest weight of this expense comes in the form of the gruesome suffering accompanying vaccine deaths and injuries imposed on victims and their families.

The government decision to render drug companies immune from the damage that they do continues in full force at this point in the manufactured COVID crisis.

The corruption of the regulatory process was put on full display in the sweetheart deal extended by the FDA to the Pfizer Company in late August. Pfizer was able to retain the emergency use authorization extended to its existing COVID vaccine. This emergency use authorization is based on the false claim that vaccines are the sole remedy available to fight the viral illness. Along with unfounded claim comes a continuation of Pfizer’s immunity from being sued.

At the same time the FDA gave full approval to a presently non-existent vaccine to be named Comirnaty. The closed-door process leading to the granting of this approval did not entail even a meeting of the FDA’s already rigged oversight committee. It seems that the approval to Pfizer is intended to weaken resistance to the imposition of vaccine mandates on many classes of workers, soldiers, students, travellers and such.

The new Comirnaty product has “approval” but it lacks indemnification for Pfizer against being sued. It seems unlikely that Pfizer will release for public distribution the Comirnaty gene therapy concoction until it is indemnified. It remains unclear if Comirnaty will do double duty as the replacement for the current Pfizer BioNTech product as well as a booster shot against the Delta Variant that is said to be targeting vaccinated people most aggressively.  See this.

The whole boondoggle of the emergency use authorization depends on the fiction that vaccines offer the only remedies for COVID-19. That thesis has been shown to be false by Drs. Vladimir Zelenko and Didier Raoult. There are a number of very effective remedies for the viral infection named COVID-19. These include hydroxychloroquine with zinc as well ivermectin. These more natural remedies are not patented. Hydroxychloroquine was wrongfully sidelined through a very ambitious fraud involving Lancet magazine and a concocted company of liars known as Surgisphere. See this.

Immunizing Ourselves Against Herd Stupidity

The violation of so many fundamental rules of scientific methodology, standard medical procedures, and normal public health practices are by and large not inadvertent. The violations have instead been calculated to establish a host of very significant precedents. Taken together these precedents are meant to set in motion significant transformations in the political economy of human interactions with one another and the rest of nature.  

These precedents are being set at a moment in history when humanity is at the point of almost unfathomable change. We are facing ecological, financial and government breakdown on a massive scale. We are facing the breakdown of family values and all manner of social cohesion in a milieu where we are subject to destructive assaults coming at us from many directions. These assaults are emanating especially from Israel First Zionists of various religious backgrounds.

Unlike the fictions attached to Muslim patsies set up on 9/11 as enemies to be spurned and invaded, the malicious dividers seem genuinely to despise our freedoms. These foes clearly want to sabotage the best of our Western civilizational inheritances that are currently being both protected and menaced by competing streams of Christianity.    

While these are times of tragic breakdown and wreckage we also face a range of new opportunities that could be ours if we could get a sane and constructive handle on many powerful new technologies already in our midst or fast coming our way. We cannot surrender to the exclusive jurisdiction of the very rich the design of how these new technologies are to be configured.   

Presently Bill Gates embodies the very antithesis of this sane approach we need to technological innovation. Gates’ career trajectory from the Microsoft monopoly to Monsanto’s GMOs and now to depopulation through vaccine eugenics represents a concerted and profoundly destructive effort to limit the range of our possible destinies.

The manufactured COVID crisis is calculated to chain us to a future of captivity before we have had a chance to properly survey, assess, and debate the full range of our options in a time of great technological transformation.

We have much to sort out and discuss before rushing ahead with any plan to alter ourselves genetically or to mix our biology with the computational power of Artificial Intelligence. In order to regain some say in determining our own destinies we must insist on a return to informed consent as the basis of every aspect of our self-governance.

The manufactured COVID crisis created a platform for those who seized the initiative to display the utter poverty and profanity of their xenophobic conception of where we should be headed.

The lack of any focus on the phenomenal character of our natural immunity reveals the Godless and sterile style of their impoverished thinking. Let’s begin to make our stand by actively cultivating and exercising the tremendous capacities of our own immune systems. Let’s immunize ourselves against anymore lapses into herd stupidity.