What’s Going On In Germany?

These wise words were spoken by Hannah Arendt. She was a German-American Jewish philosopher and political thinker who fled from Germany because of National Socialism and the persecution of the Jews. In particular, she immersed herself in totalitarian political systems.

She was still able to flee from Germany, she was wise and intelligent when she saw that things were going to get really wrong. These days it’s difficult to flee from the new totalitarian world order, which seems to be gaining a foothold everywhere except for a few “stubborn” nations. People are out in the streets every weekend in France, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. These are the countries that have also been the longest members of the European Union but now they’re uncontrollable and taken over by technocrats who have lost sight of ‘normal’ life and fail to see that not everyone can become a doctor, a professor or at all to study at University. These technocrats push their 2030 agenda with all the violence (psychologically) we see in the media and can be called propaganda. Without taking into account the diversity of society, and I am not talking about LGBTH, but about the workers, the socially weak, the not gifted, these people suffer the most, have lost or will lose their jobs and livelihoods and there will certainly be no money to guarantee, or a basic income for everyone. The digital or Industrial revolution 4.0 has to be implemented whatever the cost of money and life!


Germany is an unique country in history, unfortunately not in the positive way. They were the instigators of two world wars. A historic military society, destroyed after WWII. But not everything has been and was destroyed. The industry was not destroyed, and the nuclear program was further developed in the US, with German scientists who worked under the NAZI regime. Just think of Werner von Braun, later head of the American NASA space institute. He and other high ranking NAZIS were brought in safety due to operation Paperclip. Also, Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, has NAZI roots, as I wrote a long article about him and his Institution. Also he was involved of developing nuclear weapons in South Africa, during the Apartheid regime. He still has the “old” mentality, as have other politicians in Germany. Angela Merkel is a product from the former GDR, East Germany. Rumours have it that she was known under code name Erica and a high ranking spy for the SED who was involved in monitoring a well-known dissident, Robert Havemann. She was also the one who brought down Helmut Kohl and was indirectly responsible for the tragic events in his family. Maybe it was revenge for the downfall of the GDR and she still takes revenge on the German population, this could be the case, we don’t know. It’s strange that she has chosen to be part of the CDU and not die Linke. She claims it’s because her father was involved in the church, but he was actually an SED member and the church could have been his cover. Maybe it was all planned to infiltrate the CDU, which had over the years many ex-NAZIS in its party, especially in the CSU, a sister party from Bavaria. The fact is that all high-ranking scientists, and Merkel was a high ranking scientist, had to be a member of the East German political party called SED. Also, it’s a fact that nearly everyone spied on each other. She claims she have turned down the offer to become a spy, which is highly unbelievable.

Nearly every week Germans are out on the street protesting against, as they call it, the new totalitarian state, which I rather call a totalitarian technocratic state, based on Artificial Intelligence and out of control. For sure the old political elites in Germany can’t keep up. These Germans are mainly from the former eastern part of Germany, elderly, of course younger ones as well. The eldery suffered under the STASI and then they suffered under the reunification, going from a socialist society, where everything is planned for you, no unemployement, free healthcare and education, to be thrown into hard core capitlaism is a culture shock. Some people never got over the transformation. From all the former Eastern Bloc countries, Germany suffered the most (together with Russia). So they are out on the streets and shouting”Die Mauer muss weg” (tear down the wall) or “Wir sind das Volk” (we are the people). In their perception, the totalitarian state which we are now experiencing in 2021 is the same as back in 1989. Of course, it has some similarities, no freedom of travelling, a social credit system, which they call the Greenpass, government propaganda and mandatory vaccinations, the lies of the governments and an elite who are immensely rich (the 1%) . Did Merkel want to show to the former East German population what capitalism really is, or is she now a product of the Western elites? I would say she is a mix of both. Her behavior is still GDR, but her rules and laws are dictated by the deep state, consisting of Big Pharma, the war lobby and AI.

I feel with them, the people of East Germany, and understand their feelings and grievances. It’s not easy to experience two revolutions in one lifetime. If you have the opportunity to travel through eastern Germany, you’ll see what I mean. On the outside some renovated buildings, but on the inside it’s still East Germany and not prepared for another revolution. On top of that they had to cope with millions of so-called refugees, in a country which is divided already. Merkel pursued her refugee ideology on the people, from insider sources, it was she who decided, of course the command to do so came from the deep state, of which George Soros is a member, so to speak. Maybe he has pursued her with his so-called socialist attitude, which is totalitarian. We don’t know, but we can guess that it went that direction. She will leave office in September, with a more divided Germany than when she took over from Helmuth Kohl and for now unrepairable.

By Sonja van den Ende Via http://oneworld.press/?module=articles&action=view&id=2191