Russia’s Army-2021 International Military and Technical Forum is drawing to an end, taking place between August 22 and 28th.

Many events took place therein, with a large number of exhibitions and presentations of new and existing equipment and hardware.

Many of the units that were shown will be adopted into the Russian Armed Forces in the next months or years.

Notably, some of the new additions include the 152mm self-propelled artillery mounts 2S35 of the Coalition-SV inter-service artillery complex. The 2S35 is expected to supplement and eventually replace the 2S19 Msta in the Russian Ground Forces.

Also for the Ground Forces, contracts were signed for the supply of T-90M main battle tanks and for the overhaul of T-90 main battle tanks with modernization to the T-90M level.

In terms of UAV’s the Russian Armed Forces are receiving three additions:

  1. The brand-new helicopter-type drones Platforma and Termit, both these are attack drones.
  2. The Inokhodets-RU strike drone.
  3. Forpost-R reconnaissance UAVs.

Additionally, contracts were signed with various companies for the supply of guided and unguided ammunition for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the troops.

In the fall, the Russian Armed Forces will receive their very first heavy strike UAV Altius.

An order was finalized for the supply of modernized Ka-52M reconnaissance and attack helicopters to the troops.

The Navy is receiving a small addition, in the form of supply of a series of medium reconnaissance ships.

Also, a contract was signed with the Sredne-Nevsky shipyard for the construction and supply of a base minesweeper of project 12700.

Finally, the keystone orders were in terms of hypersonics.

An order was signed for the 3M22 Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles for the Navy, which are designed to strike both sea and ground targets.

A contract was signed for the manufacture and supply of a batch of Kinzhal hypersonic glide vehicles.

To carry these brand-new Kinzhal missiles, a state contract for the modernization of MiG-31K fighter jets was signed. Currently, there is a single experimental MiG-31K squadron armed with the missiles.

Since 2015, the “ARMY” forum has confirmed its status as one of the leading exhibitions of weapons, military and special equipment, as well as an authoritative platform for discussing the development and strengthening of international military and military-technical cooperation.

Within the framework of the forum, over 28 thousand samples of military equipment, military products and technologies will be presented at 99 sites located in various regions of the country.  More than 1,400 enterprises and organizations take part in the exhibition exposition of the Forum.