Geo-Strategic Hour with Matt and V: The Great Game Continues to Implode

In this week’s episode of the Geostrategic Hour, V and I discussed the dynamics of the international great game as it continues to careen towards chaos under the weight of its own self-contradictions.

This episode began with an overview of the dynamics shaping Afghanistan as fuses continue to be lit in an effort to provoke a new wave of chaos across the Middle East under a Delta-variant version of ISIS called “ISIS-B” by Joe Biden.

So time is also taken to unpack the disasterous mis-calculations of Harris who’s “America is Back” tour of Vietnam unravels before it could even begin under a wave of historical ironies that liberal imperialists have no capacity to understand.

Lastly, more than a few words on 9-11, false flags, inside jobs, medical dictatorships, and the facts of John F Kennedy’s assassination are offered alongside some surprisingly good impersonations of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.