Australia – On the Brink of Total Fascism

Right now the Australian people are being cruelly subjugated due to the fake pandemic. The police there have been given extraordinary powers beyond what would be considered rational. These measures can be implemented without police officers having to reveal their identity.

When the police are given total freedom to impose injustices on a compliant population for a pandemic that never was it reeks of totalitarianism, and is the modern-day equivalent of Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany. Powers the Australian police have been given include:

  • forcible entry into buildings
  • preventing people from moving about
  • quarantining people
  • making people take tests and undergo medical treatment
  • compelling people to give information

While the Australian government releases death statistics (allegedly from Covid) on a day-to-day basis it only releases vaccine-related deaths that are at least 90 days old. Thus we know that from the 6 days 18-23 August there were 17 so-called Covid deaths, those dying after having tested positive for Covid-19. It could be that every one of those 17 deaths were vaccine victims.

The latest figures we have show that there were 123 deaths by 1 May from the two vaccines. The Covid deaths as of 23 August stood at 984. We know that by 31 August 2020 there were 682 deaths claimed to be Covid-19 deaths. We also know that people vaccinated develop Covid from the spike protein. So every vaccine associated death is likely to be a Covid-19 statistic. The vaccines are killing people and this is being covered up with at least a 3 month lag in the release of figures.

Is it any wonder that the lorry-drivers have decided to do the job idle politicians, frightened medics and lawyers choose to ignore? On 31 August the truck drivers will bring Australia to a standstill until the government caves in. Clearly they do not want to be the victims of untested, unsafe vaccines. It is not just the lorry drivers. Militia groups are beginning to form ready to back up the lorry drivers. This blog has heard of two such groups on the ground in Australia.

And there are whispers of not just private militia organisations from veteran Australians but groups ready to support them from around the world. Their battle is everyone’s battle. Their war is our war. Join them. Give them your support.