As The US & NATO Flee Afghanistan, When Will They Flee From Syria?

A US survey (CBS) has found that sixty-seven percent of Americans believe the near-total destruction of Iraq with more than 4,000 US soldiers killed and billions of dollars of taxpayers money spent was irresponsible. Last week we saw the chaotic withdrawal of the US and its NATO allies from Afghanistan. But the West has learned nothing from it.

Both the US President Joe Biden and current NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg are now pointing an accusing finger at the Afghan leaders, who were merely the puppets of the West and fled when trouble came. Former Dutch NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (2004-2009) knows better. According to him, they, NATO and the US, considered themselves the saviors of the world and the bringers of democracy, prosperity and peace everywhere. The great defenders of children’s rights, women’s rights, and human rights put their crazy LGBT-rights with it in 2021 and we can clearly see their minds are out of touch with reality when it concerns countries like Afghanistan or other countries they have destroyed! All the US and NATO could do was fly the LGBT flag in Kabul. Once again, the reality is rather the opposite. We saw again images of the chaos they brought in Iraq, Saigon and Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and we see it still in Syria. This disgraceful “peace mission” by the West in Afghanistan has lasted 20 years (the Soviets fled after 10 years), hundreds of thousands were killed and the killing cost billions. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer was right, as he was about Russia. I don’t often say that Western leaders are right, almost all of them are caught up in their lies and some sincerely believe that they can bring peace to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Those are the countries they destroyed first, but that’s the US/NATO ideology: first destroy then rebuild so they can profit from war. It’s a sick Western twisted ideology.

After Afghanistan was covered with a carpet of bombs that killed not only Islamists but also many innocent civilians, women and children, it is not surprising that the Taliban gained support against the much hated West without much effort. And the fact that President Ashraf Ghani, who also holds the American nationality, fled to Tajikistan with a large amount of money, Tajikistan a country in Moscow’s sphere of influence, speaks volumes. We leave it to the regular so-called Western media to describe the disgrace of the West in Afghanistan. They are good in spectacular news, which is far beyond reality, as usual.

What will the repercussions be for Syria? Are the “saviors of the world” now going to try to disrupt Syria even more by looting its mineral resources, stealing and destroying essential food and continuing to carry out attacks? Or will their humanitarian blazon get such a dent that someday something human will penetrate their plans so that they understand that they are doing the best of service to the Syrian people by leaving? In any case, the united resistance of the Syrian people against the foreign occupiers continues to grow. Who will make it in the end? A US/NATO army with enormous military superiority to steal, loot and destroy without conscience or a people united in fighting for their own sovereignty? Are the US/NATO in Afghanistan and Syria two completely different situations or in the end exactly the same?

Maybe some leaders or MPs are awake and ashamed about the killing fields of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, but certainly not the so-called President of the US, who is mentally not fit to rule. We saw that many times already, he doesn’t know what he is saying anymore, and there are signs of mental incompatibility. If he would be an ordinary citizen, he would be sent off with retirement. But apparently the US had no better candidates. We can draw some comparison with the fall of the Soviet Union. In the last days of their empire, old men in their eighties, called the “Politburo” were mentally unfit, standing at the balcony of the Kremlin, out of touch with reality and the people. We see the same happening now in the US, a crumbling empire, and Europe will fall with it since they are part of the empire. Also, Afghanistan was the last blow for the collapse of the Soviet Union. After ten years they also withdrew, but it took the US and NATO twenty years. The imperialistic dreams of the US and NATO/EU are coming to an end. A multipolar world has emerged, a world with a technocratic tendency, both in East and West,. It’s up to the citizens if they want to go along.

Whoever thought that the US was going to be a bit more lenient now that it is becoming a dwarf in terms of economy towards China was wrong. When Biden came to power, he stopped bullying European Airbus in order to give American Boeing a near-world monopoly. He also ended threats and financial sanctions against Germany and Western Europe because of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream II, that’s ok you might think! However, what is happening in Afghanistan now shows the true nature of Washington. Biden’s mask has been pulled off, by himself. The US only looks at itself and spits on its allies. That is the harsh reality that people in Europe see but keep silent about. For countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, which have always followed the orders of the US like their best slaves, this is yet another sobering insult or humiliation. Germany has been de facto occupied by the US since 1945. It caused heated discussions in the British Parliament. What should the Afghan ex-president Ashraf Ghani say and the Afghans? Nothing they have to say, they were occupied, betrayed, and the US/NATO made a terrible killing field out of it. We should be happy the empire is finally falling, but the cost of lives is very high! It will only be a matter of time when they will leave Syria and then they will live in their own weird climate bubble and mandatory vaccinations to keep their own people quiet like totalitarian states try to do but the good thing is that all totalitarian states eventually fall. It takes some time, deaths and wounded but they will fall! It’s up to us the people to stop creating new totalitarian states. After all, we are still human and not hooked up with AI as yet. We can still stop it by not participating. But we need more lions, the sheep are already following the leaders!

By Sonja van den Ende Via