American LOSERS attempt pathetic DEMANDS of Taliban [Video]

Picture this:

You get in a fight with another kid on the playground. Your opponent beats you up completely. You are lying on the ground, bleeding from your nose and even other places. There was never even a chance that you would have beaten him, which brings into the question why the fight even took place at all.

As your conqueror brushes himself off and walks away, you get up and, still bleeding, chase after him…

… and start issuing him demands, telling him that he must do what you want.

Would you seriously be expecting him to listen and do as you ask? Or are you just so stupid that you are merely asking for another beating?

Well, let’s ask the Biden Administration. They are doing this with the Taliban. Watch:

What do you think the Taliban are going to do? Comply?

You know, some of the Americans are calling the Taliban some pretty bad (but probably accurate) names: “Goat humpers”, “Barbarians”, “Evil Terrorists”… maybe these names are accurate and applicable. But what difference does it make?

They won. 

Biden, and by extension, America, lost, and did so in an epic fashion, diminished only by how pathetic it actually was.

Even looking at the people who are on screen making these demands: They look like milquetoast faggots, quite frankly (no offense meant if they are not, but the optics are just astounding.) If they don’t look like milquetoast faggots, they look like Frankenstein or better, Frank-N-Furter:

This photo above is pretty gross, isn’t it?

Please keep this in mind: I am an American. I love my nation, even though I do not live at home. Part of the advantage of not living at home is the ability to “write in exile” which does seem to give a clearer view of the problems my homeland faces. I am not rejoicing over America losing the Afghanistan conflict. I am being extremely critical of the ineptitude displayed by the Great Resetters who are trying to destroy my country and countless others to support a truly depraved social order that persecutes Christians.

That is why a recent piece linked here is so important. America’s problem is very simple: She has rejected the lordship of God the Holy Trinity. It is that simple. Like Israel of old, when she turned away from the covenants made with God, Israel always received a complete a**-kicking until her LEADERS repented first (and then the people as well).

History shows us this fact: In every kingdom that has existed with some sort of agreement to live in obedience to God’s will – whenever that agreement is broken, the nation suffers. Usually in history it comes as the result of disobedient leadership. Russia’s revolution came about with a very faithful Tsar, but with an utter collapse among other leaders in the nation, the intellectuals and educated. They rebelled and… USSR, with all the famine, suffering and death that came with it.

The United States presently sits with Godless leadership and probably as much as half of the nation in open rebellion against anything that could be considered “Christian”, “God-fearing”, or how about just plain “decent.” She received a taste of redemption while a God-fearing man, Donald Trump, was president. But the godless struck back, hard, stealing the 2020 election and slamming the nation into its first true period of Darkness.

Keep in mind that I say “God-fearing.” What this means is “one who acknowledges and respects that it is God who is ultimately in charge, and who lives in agreement with this.”

You don’t have to be a Christian to be God-fearing. However, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”, and when people respond to this respect and then look more deeply at it and cultivate it, they invariably become Christian.

Imagine that.

In the meantime, while the US leadership is having its transgender, psychotic, drug-using teenager-style rebellious brat fit, people are dying. What is even more, the US lost any semblance of respect it once commanded with this Afghanistan loss.

And, the Great Resetters in charge respond to this by bringing milquetoast looking wimps to the camera to dictate terms to the victors.

Surely, the Taliban are enjoying lots of ice cream while they watch this entertainment on their flat screen TV sets.

As they should.