Health Kulaks

We are witnessing the Kulakization – in the name of “public health” – of people who object to being told they must submit to an injection with what is supposedly medicine.

The reference is to the cohort of land-owning farmers in the early Soviet Union under Stalin, who resisted the forced collectivization of farming. They were framed as a threat to the masses, the people who didn’t have their own plot of land – because they did.


A relentless government propaganda campaign was used to generate hate toward those evil Kulaks, who preferred to feed themselves on their own land rather than be fed – maybe – on government land. Inevitably, the Kulaks were forced – at bayonet point – to give up their farms and were herded into collective farms, where no one owned anything at all – and the only food you got was whatever the government decided to give you.

Stalin and his minions – the state – now controlled and so owned everything. Those who objected were targeted; those who resisted were killed.

If it doesn’t sound familiar, you haven’t been listening. History is trying to warn us. And not just us, the latter-day Kulaks – the people who are being framed as a threat to public health by objecting to this business of being pressured to submit to an injection of supposed medicine, who are now being threatened with exclusion from commerce, from society – and inevitably, far worse – as this will end with murderous violence if it is not stopped right now, before it can gather the kinetic energy necessary to inevitability.

Someone will have to do the rounding up – and worse – of those resisting.

It won’t be Uncle Joe Biden. It won’t be Dr. Fauci.

As you read this, consider that there are people out there – perhaps your next-door neighbors – who are ready to do their bidding. To become the NKVD goon squads of Health. Eager to see the “hesitant” – the refusers – forced to submit, by whatever means necessary. They are being psychologically conditioned to feel righteous about the horrors they will be called upon to commit in the name of a mass psychosis, engineered by psychopathic personalities.

Many will commit them with enthusiasm, if given the authority to do so. Which the psychopaths are eager to give them. Some of these useful idiots may live to regret what they did – but it will never undo what they did.

Evil requires the sanction of the good. Very few people are outright psychopaths who enjoy hurting others, who would kill without compunction – and with glee – if they were given license to do so. But there are lots of people who can be manipulated by psychopaths to hurt – and kill. All that’s necessary is the sanction of legality and the societal-cultural framing of the action as vitally necessary for the general safety. This makes a person who isn’t evil feel good about performing evil acts. Which makes such a person zealous about performing them.

This is the way pogroms begin. Pogroms leading to mass murder, performed officially.

History isn’t whispering. It is screaming, from the depths of a mass grave containing the corpses of millions of people. But the pages have no voice, as few bother to read them these days. It cannot happen again? It never happened – in the minds of people who are unaware it ever happened and who for that reason do not understand the how or the why and who for that reason are blind and to deaf to the now.

When half the country becomes the victim and the other half the party of victimization, the entire country is victimized – save the leadership, which sits atop the pile of corpses, with a satisfied smile.

A few somehow refuse to have anything to do with it, a hard thing in a society turned insane by fear and hate.

We don’t even know what is in these alleged medicines as there’s no disclosure to permit informed consent. One cannot consent to a contract that is blank – and under the terms of which the other party is absolved of all obligations and responsibilities. It is just one of the many sound reasons why so many do not wish to consent to it.

Our consent is being rescinded, regardless, via Sophie’s Choices: Either submit to this contract or lose your job. You cannot enter here. You may not travel there. How long before you may not leave your house? How much longer before they send goons to kick down the door to your house?

Ask a Kulak. Except you can’t – because Stalin had them all rounded up and most of them killed.

Some reading this may recoil and say it’s an exaggeration. It’s just a shot. Is it really? How do you stop short of rounding people up who’ve been officially designated an enemy class? A biological threat? How do you say, this far – but no farther? When you have egged on half the population to hate and fear the other half and told one half that the other half is “taking away their freedom” by refusing to give up their freedom, how do you reconcile the two?

There are only two ways – and one of them requires half the population to brutalize the other half into the submission. Or, simply, kill them. As Stalin himself is said to have put it:

Death solves all problems. No man, no problem.

The other way is separation and that, too, is rarely achieved peacefully, politically – notwithstanding all the fine words once taught to children in school regarding what their ancestors did in 1776 and even they had to fight to get away from the people who would not leave them be, much less let them go.

Why not?

It is a question that ought to be asked – and answered – more often. People generally do not expect a couple that has irreconcilable differences to stay together; that is to say, they do not think it is right – much less decent – to force the unhappy couple to remain together.  But – somehow – the logic of this does not scale to the political, as it ought to. Because it would allow for a peaceful separation when differences become irreconcilable.

Of course, in politics as in some marriages, it is not peace that’s wanted. It is subjugation. It is control – enforced with threats, including death threats, should that become necessary to maintain the unholy union.

This time, in the name of the Holy Jab. But the underlying psychosis – the urge to smash in faces – remains the same.

Ask a Kulak.

If you could.

by Eric Peters