For The Youth Of The World

I am worried about what is going on in the Netherlands, Germany, Europe and in the rest of the world. I’m not talking about the C-Virus. What I am worried about is the totalitarian state they made out of a virus, how they politicized health, how they use psychological force and warfare, especially on the youth.

For many of the youth, except the rich and elites, their childhood is over. They now live in a dysotopian world where enjoying their youth is pretty much gone. There is only talk of guilt, guilt for the death of perhaps your grandparents, because you may have kissed or embraced them, so you gave them a virus. Face masks in schools and especially vaccination they preach upon the youth, then you can go back to “normal” life. If you think about it deeply, it is criminal. For a virus that has a 0.03% percent mortality rate and the majority of deaths are over seventy, even eighty years old. In the Netherlands it was painfully clear that the vaccination of Johnsons & Johnson, which most of the youth were vaccinated with, didn’t bring back normality, but more infections. So they lied again. Apparently vaccination gives you the C-Virus and you will not be “free”, you will need more and more boosters, like a junky!

The youth of 2021 is not enjoying the real “normal” world anymore. Everywhere you should take your mobile phone, because to enter many things you need your “greenpass”. In some countries, they even put QR codes at the entrance of a park, so you have to check if you are healthy and only allowed to enter “mother”nature with your phone. How sad and awful, and what about the eldery? Well they apparently don’t care about their children or grandchildren. They listen to the propaganda media and are afraid of death. If you are seventy or eighty years old, you know death is imminent and close by. They are the ones who, again, like before, allowed their governments to conduct wars, but they didn’t show resistance to the murder of millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Vietnam and many more countries that their governments killed in their name, in the name of democracy and the so-called ‘free’ world. Now they (the eldery) let it happen to their children and grandchildren to let them live under a technocratic-totalitarian state in the name of a virus, with I must emphasize again, a virus with a mortality rate of only 0.03 percent.

The virus was just the beginning, I think many of us know by now, that there was no killer virus. But after this immense propaganda and PSYOP, when they established the “green pass”, they will force you to use the pass for the amount of CO2 level you use, so if you use too much, they will put you on hold, by an individual lockdown or worse. They will use the youth like Greta Thunberg or in Germany Louise Neubauer to indoctrinate the “normal”youth. This abuse of children is not new. In Syria, they used Bana the “twitter girl”. After the fall of (east) Aleppo she was hiding in President Erdogan’s “palace” as part of the propaganda and war campaign conducted and orchestrated from Gaziantep, Turkey.

The Technocratic-Totalitarian State Is A Fact

Our children will live under a totalitarian-technocratic state that George Orwell could only have dreamed of. They (like we) will be watched twenty-four hours a day. They will, according to the totalitarian world ideology, be “model” citizens, of whom the majority will receive a basic income. Of course, not all of them, a lot of people will die first, from side-effects from vaccinations, from man-made climate change. The anti-vaxxers are labeled as terrorists, which the US is already doing, so like the whitch hunt in the Middle Ages, of course in a modern way. The wars they conducted before are played in a different way, as we can see what is happening now in Afghanistan. The Western criminal governments just pulled back their army and let terrorists like the Taliban or before that ISIS (DAESH) kill the population of Iraq, Syria and now Afghanistan. ISIS and the Taliban, I suppose, are sponsored by Western governments, like first Osama Bin Laden was sponsored and made by the CIA, Abu-Bakr-al-Baghdadi, like ISIS, Al-Nusra and all terrorists organizations, because people are poor in the ‘other’ world, so imagine how will they get their Humvees or weapons!

So, the youth will experience wars in a different way. For all of you who are reading this article, we can take the movies from the Hunger Games series as an example. The elderly people in Europe, especially in Germany, should wake up. You Germans should know better, your forefathers killed Jews, Gypsies and the anti-government opposition. You Germans should know better, you had communism, which started good, but became totalitarian after a while. You should know better, you experienced Angela Merkel and her government for more than sixteen years and she brought you wars in the Middle East and a refugee crisis and now handed you over to the merciless deep state who will lead you into a totalitarian-technocratic state. But also, I want to warn the Chinese, the Russians and all other states who are blackmailed by the deep state and WHO, don’t let it happen to your country as it happens overnight, like back than in 1933-1945. Use Artifical Intelligence (AI) and digitalization in a wise way and give the youth their youth back and most of all give them their freedom to be free, to learn from the world, to give them a chance of education, which is very difficult right now because many are forcibly in lockdowns and have bcome computer junkies. Give them back their lives as “autist” Greta Thunberg will tell you. But give them back their real lifeand not an artificial AI Social Credit System and a purposefully created man-made climate-change life!

By Sonja van den Ende Via