Taliban overrunning Afghanistan… so what? [Video]

Pretty nifty, isn’t this? Aside from the fact that it was President Trump who was (very wisely) in the mind of pulling all American troops out of that country, simply because there is no reason to be there.

And yet, now we see this kind of headlining, even though Fox News hosts were themselves saying “enough of that hellhole” not so long ago, and now, it is being made out as a massive FAIL for the Biden Administration? Really?

This is a very regrettable bit of propaganda, and I would like to offer some reasons why this sort of stuff does the pro-Trump and conservative Americans a disservice.

First of all, it really was President Trump’s decision to remove our military personnel from Afghanistan. What purpose did they serve by being there? Certainly it seemed the place to go twenty years ago after the 9-11 attacks, because it was understood that Osama bin Laden was there with terrorist training camps. After that, it became something about trying to remake Afghanistan into some sort of stalwart American ally.

This was a catastrophic and absurdly mistaken idea. The Taliban, the fabled Afghan tribesmen, know their lands better than anybody. They also fight very hard for their own territories, and they beat the Soviet armed forces long ago. For a long time the US saw the writing on the wall, saying “this is both useless and a waste of time unless you intend to utterly destroy and conquer this place… and you don’t, so why be here?

The United States could turn the whole country into glass, but they didn’t, just as the Soviet Union was also capable of this (and also didn’t.) The reasons are the same: what is the point?

Secondly, it should come as no surprise that with the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban would easily come roaring back into power. After all, for these people, their cause is a holy war (jihad), and they are Muslims, and nobody is more persistent in jihad than jihadis. The massive power of the United States, admittedly holding the place down pretty well, was not able to dissolve the notion of jihad. In fact, it probably made it stronger. After all, Americans, like the Soviets before them, were infidels, not worthy of life and certainly not to be bowed down to as leaders of the country… beyond a bit of “facade” type peaceful “negotiations”. What is happening now is what was always going to happen once the Americans left.

Thirdly, while Joe Biden is getting the rhetorical hit, had it been Donald Trump’s watch, it would have almost certainly been the same hit. Politically speaking, the fact that this is happening under Mr. Biden’s “watch” (he is only an imposter, after all, not a real President), is like insulation for Mr. Trump, because (1) it is not getting connected to him, (2) no one in America wants us to be there anyway, and (3) this is happening now, in 2021. If President Trump runs for re-election in 2024, this issue will be long-forgotten.

It is certainly a known that my view of Joe Biden is that he is a figurehead at best in the White House. He has no leadership initiative and he never did. He is a shell of his former self, but he has a voice and a demeanor that a lot of people find likable, or at least tolerable. To his credit, though he is a consummate liar, he is far more agreeable as a person than the elitist, Barack Obama, who did not even invite his former Veep to his elitist birthday party last week.

Mr. Biden is a disaster for America, but he is a tragic disaster. I think many people who disagree with his existence as President feel this way. He is strange, acts weird, possibly with dementia and he is certainly dangerous because of his mental impairment, but he is probably more pitied than despised.

He showed this pathetic state when he warned the Taliban that if they continue to be violent, they risk “international isolation.”

The response was crickets. The Taliban do not care if they are isolated.

You know, maybe they are on to something.

So… Afghanistan. Afghanistan will be controlled by the Taliban once again and in very short order.

So, what?

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