Senator Rand Paul video calls BS on COVID madness [Video]

The Senator from Kentucky is laying it all out… and Twitter let him.

It is good when politicians express their resistance towards government overreach, and in this, Senator Paul deserves credit. However, it is not enough.

This resistance must be joined by all of us. Vaccinated or not, tested or not, the basic issue is liberty, not disease. Doctor Anthony Fauci has used his power to create one of the most pathetic tyrannies to ever come into existence: a tyranny based on people’s fears of getting sick and dying being played upon, used, abused.

Many people in the United States are getting wise to this scam. This is not to say that COVID-19 is not real; it appears to be quite real – a lot of people I know have had it, at least one has died from it. But to cower in fear before it is patently nuts – just as it is to cower in fear with the notion that I could get cancer and die, or get heart disease and die, or get hit by a crashing alien spacecraft and die…

It may come as news to many people, but, we are ALL going to die. It is just a matter of when, and how, and the only thing that matters is how we meet our end and our Creator, having lived the life we were given.

And yes, this ultimately is a “religious” question, for the matters of life and death do not rest within human power. Only the Divine has this ability to give life or take it. We can cooperate, or steal the “right” to end lives, for ourselves or others, but my refusing vaccination does not kill anyone else, nor would my accepting vaccination save anybody else. Such talk, even coming from authorities within the Church, is extraordinarily arrogant and poorly thought, not at all in keeping with the Christian gospel.

Bishop George of the Australia / New Zealand diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia said it very well in a recent pastoral letter (reformatted and emphasized for clarity):

There are some Orthodox hierarchs who condone taking the vaccines, even though they contain fetal cells, or are derived from fetal cells, thereby being a direct product of abortion.

In good conscience, as an Orthodox Christian, I cannot agree with this view and cannot condone it. However, considering that there are some Orthodox hierarchs who do allow these vaccines, and considering the great fear campaign that is being waged by the governments and the media, I can understand if people do decide to get vaccinated.

People also need to know that many of those who are getting vaccinated are dying or experiencing severe side effects.

We must be aware of what we are doing.

Whatever our personal choice is in this matter, we must still live as Orthodox Christians, loving and encouraging one another, being an example of Christian love and piety both to those in our Church communities and to others.

Let us re-focus our priorities and focus more on our own spiritual life, not just on preserving our physical life in this sinful world, so when the time comes that God summons us to the next life, we may be able to give a good account of our life here on earth, time in which we should be repenting and preparing ourselves spiritually for eternity.

We should remember that whether we get sick from the virus or not is up to God, and when and how we die is up to God, not determined by a virus. Let us ask God to give us repentance, the “vaccine” for eternity, as Metropolitan Onouphry of Kiev has expressed it, so that we will be able to live and die as good Orthodox Christians.

This is a time with faith and action must unite, and even non-Christians and unbelievers have common sense enough to know there is a LOT of truth in this.