Hezbollah will not allow Israel to change the rules of engagements with Lebanon, the group’s Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah said on August 7.

The Lebanese leader made the statement during a televised speech on the fifteenth anniversary the 2006 July War with Israel. The leader said that the balance of deterrence with Israel is the most significant achievements of the 33-day war.

Nasrallah described the August 5 Israeli airstrikes on South Lebanon as a “dangerous development.” The strikes were a response to a rocket attack that was launched from South Lebanon on August 4.

Hezbollah responded to the Israeli airstrikes by launching at least 19 rockets at the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms on August 6.

“Yesterday, we chose to strike an open area and during the day. Then our retaliation was fully-considered. We issued a statement in which we claimed responsibility for the operation, and we have the courage to announce our responsibility for any resisting action against the Israeli enemy,” Nasrallah said during his speech.

The leader went on to stress that Hezbollah is determined to maintain the rules of engagement which Israel have been attempting to change.

“Any strike in the future will be retaliated for in an appropriate way. We won’t throw away the achievements which were secured by blood,” Nasrallah said. “To Israeli commanders I say: Don’t miscalculate by estimating that we are busy with our internal issues, no matter how these issues are pressuring. To us, it’s our responsibility to defend our people so don’t bet on livelihood pressures on the Lebanese people.”

Israel responded to Hezbollah rocket attack with few artillery strikes. Despite some threats from Israeli officials, the Israeli military chose to avoid any further escalation.

Nasrallah’s threats will likely force Israel to limit its reaction to any future attacks from Lebanon. A full-blown war with Hezbollah will be as much costly for Israel, as for Lebanon.

Via https://southfront.org/hezbollah-secretary-general-we-will-not-allow-israel-to-change-rules-of-engagements/