Coronavirus: Who are Israel’s seriously ill patients?

As of Thursday morning, there were some 250 COVID-19 patients in serious condition. What are their ages and what is their vaccination status?
About 210 of them are individuals over the age of 60. Of those, 153 were fully vaccinated, seven were in the process of getting fully immunized and 50 were not vaccinated.
Of the 40 patients in serious condition aged under 60, however, only nine were fully inoculated, one was partially vaccinated and 30 had not received any vaccine.
Currently, there are no patients in Israel under the age of 30 who are in serious condition.
In the 30-39 cohort, five individuals are in serious condition, all of whom are unvaccinated.
Among people ages 40-49 there are 15 serious patients, 14 of them not jabbed and one fully inoculated.
In the age group 50-50, unvaccinated patients still surpass vaccinated once, eleven compared to eight (plus one partially inoculated).
Among those who are in serious condition and over the age of 60, the balance shifts: there are more fully vaccinated patients who are in serious conditions than unvaccinated ones. However, some 91% of the relevant population – almost 1.6 million people – is fully immunized, with only 109,000 people not protected.
Looking at the data of how many patients Israel has per 100,000 people, it is clear that those who are not inoculated are still getting seriously ill much more than jabbed people.
In the 60-69 cohort, 27 vaccinated people were in serious condition as of Thursday, in addition to 18 non-vaccinated individuals and one person partially vaccinated. Looking at the numbers per 100,000 people, there are 26.8 patients who were not vaccinated, 9.5 who were partially vaccinated and only 4.1 who were vaccinated.
Among those 70-79, there were 57 fully vaccinated serious patients, three partially vaccinated, and 16 not vaccinated. This translates into 73.4 unvaccinated serious patients per 100,000 people, 52.2 partially vaccinated and 12.3 vaccinated.
In the 80-89 age group, there were 52 serious patients who were vaccinated, one partially vaccinated, and 12 not vaccinated. Considering data per 100,000 people, there are 105 unvaccinated serious patients, 25.7 partially vaccinated serious patients, and 25 vaccinated serious patients.
Among individuals over the age of 90, there were 18 people fully vaccinated, two partially vaccinated and two non-vaccinated. However, taking into consideration the numbers per 100,000 people, this means 60.3 unvaccinated serious patients per 100,000, 115.1 partially vaccinated serious patients and 38.8 vaccinated serious patients.