A Segregated Thought Experiment . . .

At least there were “colored” fountains for black folk back in the days of segregation.

In the New Segregation days coming – if we let them – there will be no fountains or anything else – including jobs –  for folks who have refused to roll up their sleeves. Some say this is justified since – according to their logic – an “unvaxxed” is someone who is potentially dangerous, someone who might be spreading disease.

This being the same logic used against people who refused – and refuse – to “mask.”

It is also the same logic used in the old segregation days against black people, who some also regarded as potentially dangerous.

That the black man who wanted to enter a store to buy something wasn’t and hadn’t given any reason to suspect him of being dangerous didn’t matter. He was a member of a class of people deemed potentially dangerous.

The demented fear that he might be dangerous was sufficient to justify treating him as if we were, in fact . . .  by the person who put up the sign. Who refused him service. Who wouldn’t sell or hire.

History repeats, again.

Some will say the comparison is off since one cannot change one’s skin color while one can roll up one’s sleeve – or “mask.” That is true but misses the point. The essential point in both cases is that the individual who has done nothing himself to warrant being treated as  dangerous is treated as such based upon irrational fears triggered by external markers. 

The black fellow shares the skin color of other people, some of whom may have been involved in – for example – the peaceful protests of last summer. He did not participate in these protests and and is quite peaceful, himself. Is it reasonable to presume otherwise? To treat him as if fears about him were the same as facts about him? If it is not – and it isn’t – then why is it fair to treat a person who isn’t sick as if he were?

The underlying principle is the same.

So also the external markers used unjustly to identify and segregate an entire class of pariahs. The black man on account of his skin,  the not-sick on account of his face showing or his refusal to display Proof of Jab.

The racist says the black man who hasn’t shoplifted or mugged anyone is “statistically” more likely to be a shoplifter or mugger. The weaponized hypochondriac says the unmasked/unjabbed are more likely to spread disease – even though they haven’t got it.

It does not matter to the racist that the black man who wants to enter his store to buy something has never shoplifted or mugged anyone – and hasn’t given anyone reason to suspect him, specifically, of being a possible shoplifter or mugger. The fear that he might is enough for the racist to deny him and every other person of the same skin color entry and to degrade them all as human beings, irrespective of their actual merits as a human beings.

It does not matter to the weaponized hypochondriac that the face-shower who wishes to enter a store isn’t sick and so cannot get anyone sick. The weaponized hypochondriac’s  fear of sickness is justification in his eyes to deny every face-shower entry and to degrade them all.

They must be made to wear a “mask” – or show proof of jab.

Or be shown the door.

Both iterations of segregation are fundamentally the same things and each as despicable as the other. Also dumber than a box of rocks. Smart people don’t treat people badly who have given no reason to treat them badly. To do so is the mark of a small-minded, mean-spirited and stupid person.

Smart people object to wearing a “mask” because they know there is no evidence that “masks” – dirty old old bandanas, wood shop dust masks or the made-in-China operating room simulacrums people are walking around with – do anything to prevent the spread of a virus, even if they had it – leaving aside the evil idiocy of being pressured to wear one so as to make it look as if everyone either has it or is terrified of getting it. Which is also idiotically fearful given the near-nil risk of dying from this sickness in the event one does get it.

And it looks like the smart people are – once again – those who haven’t rolled up their sleeves to be injected with an experimental, dangerous and ineffective “vaccine” that the CDC itself just admitted doesn’t “stop the spread” of the virus and may even accelerate it.

“CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said recent studies had shown that those vaccinated individuals who do become infected with Covid have just as much viral load as the unvaccinated, making it possible for them to spread the virus to others.”

Italics added.

How, pray, do these Needled People “become infected with COVID” and have a “viral  load” if they’ve been “vaccinated”? Oh, yes.

The variants! The variants!

But there will always be more variants – rendering the “vaccine” as palliative as a vial of gypsy tears worn around the neck to ward off evil spirits.

Or a rag worn over one’s mouth.

But much more dangerous than either thing. Gypsy tears around the neck – and a Diaper over one’s face – merely make the wearer look stupid. The “vaccine” kills and maims. It also establishes a loathsome and dangerous precedent for more of the same.

The “vaccinated” may also have been made more vulnerable to the variants! the variants! by dint of their monkeyed-around-with immune systems and what the accumulating evidence strongly suggests could be systematic damage to their general health, as via blood clotting. In other words, those who received an Anointing are more likely to become symptomatic and thus, spread the sickness they thought they were avoiding getting – and giving.

Perhaps they should be segregated.

Of course, The Science now insists that the answer to this problem is to force everyone to be Anointed – however many Anointings it takes, however ineffective the Anointings and no matter what it costs in “adverse effects,” including deaths – at least 6,000 so far; twice the body count of Nahhhhhnnnnnlevven – which was used to transform what had been America into a “Homeland” with everyone a presumptive terrorist and required to perform Security Kabuki.

But at least the government goon’s hands came out of your pants. The Anointing, once injected, becomes a part of you.

No wonder millions of sensible, prudent people are unwilling to roll up their sleeves – even at the cost of being shown the door.

by Eric Peters