Explosive Evidence: Dr. David E. Martin the Investigative Corona Committee Germany

The script for the pandemic was written in 2004 at Merk who formulated the idea “the New Normal”.  It was a plan to create an ongoing vaccine program.  Apparently, all the information is in the patent office.

There is no new Corona Virus it was patented 20 years ago.  It is not new, in fact, there is no variant, it is just a different start of the sequence created from a simulation.  They have not provided the exact sequence that they use in the vaccine.  They only specify a fragment sequence, it does not mean that it different or the same thing.  It is non specific

The pandemic is all about money, Gates, Fauci, Peter Daszak, big Pharma, WHO and many other including governments.  2007 was when they started creating the vaccine.  Darpa was involved in the development of the toxic spike protein with Fauci and saw this as an extremely malleable weapon.  Shockingly the vaccine is a pathogen producing bioweapon that is not a vaccine but a eugenics tool.

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