Russia Starts Developing New Fifth-Generation Carrier-Based Fighter, Source Says

Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” (Mikoyan) has started to develop a fifth-generation carrier-based fighter and plans to create a prototype aircraft in the next few years, a source in the military-industrial complex told Sputnik.

“The company is working on a promising 5th generation carrier-based fighter, which will be made using stealth technologies. The stage of computer modeling is now underway, the first prototypes are planned to be released in the next few years,” the source said.

He added that developers are considering the possibility of creating a version of the fighter with vertical take-off and landing. It is expected that the new aircraft will be made in the dimensions of the MiG-35. It will also include a companion drone that will perform the functions of either refueling or joint strikes.

This comes as Russia has just presented the prototype of new single-engine fighter Checkmate, developed by Sukhoi designer bureau (part of Rostec). 

According to the Rostec head, the aircraft has low visibility, high flight performance and is equipped with advanced avionics. The Checkmate also boasts the most spacious internal weapon bays in its class and is highly customizable. The fighter can carry up to five air-to-air missiles of various ranges and other aviation weapons in an inconspicuous configuration. It can further be used as base for an unmanned aerial vehicle with similar characteristics.