On July 24, Hezbollah announced that one of its commanders, Mohamad al-Sayyed al-Amin from the southern Lebanese town of Deir Kifa, was killed in Syria.

In a brief statement, Hezbollah’s Central Media said that the commander, also known by his nom de guerre “al-Sayyed Gharib,” was killed while being on his “Jihad duty” without providing any further details.

Earlier, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps mourned Seyyed Ahmad Qureshi, a prominent commander of the Quds Force. A number of sources claimed that the commander had sustained fatal wounds in the July 19 Israeli strikes on Syria’s Aleppo. This is yet to be confirmed.

Despite the lack of any real evidence, some observers speculated that al-Amin was killed along with Qureshi in Aleppo strikes.

Others alleged that the Lebanese commander was killed in the July 21 Israeli strikes on al-Daba Air Base in Syria’s Homs. The air base, which sustained serious damage as a result of the strikes, is Hezbollah’s main logistic center in Syria.

These speculations and allegations are most likely untrue as Hezbollah usually acknowledges any losses caused by Israeli strikes on Syria.

More information on the circumstances surrounding the death of al-Amin and Qureshi in Syria will likely surface in the upcoming few days.

Via https://southfront.org/hezbollah-commander-killed-in-syria-allegedly-in-israeli-strikes/