Is Dr. Fauci involved in a population control conspiracy, gain of function?

In the 1940s German and Japanese officials and scientists were put on trial, convicted, and executed for waging massive war, mass murder and other crimes. Many people don’t understand that Germ Warfare is potentially more dangerous than Atomic Bombs are, the Hiroshima bomb didn’t have the energy of an average summer storm. It is possible to kill most of the worlds population with the correctly designed genetically-engineered-germ or a combination of such pathogens. The idea that Dr. Fauci may have been involved in funding “Gain Of Function” research that resulted in genetically modified pathogens that are capable of killing humans suggests that there may be a conspiracy to control the worlds population with mass murder? The question of a possible conspiracy to commit mass murder should be taken seriously and answered in courts world wide or, in the world court. If there is a plot to mass murder humanity then, all of the World’s Nations should be looking at Dr. Fauci and his CCP partners in court rooms.  There are many unanswered questions: Who will be allowed to live after the mass murder is over? Is the collection of genetic data from people a method of developing a better germ weapon by localizing the mass murder to targeted groups of people with specialized man made pathogens, capitalizing on genetic weaknesses? Recently there was a Main-Stream-Media news story about Islamic people who are dyeing from COVID-19 more than other groups of people, the main stream media said “the reason is that Muslims are dirty”, was this an example of a group of people who were targeted with the genetic engineering of COVID-19?