FBI Asks Americans To Spy On Own Families And Friends To Prevent ‘Extremism’

The FBI fired out a tweet Sunday afternoon urging Americans to check on their own family members and make sure they aren’t planning any ‘extremism’, prompting a wave of comparisons to authoritarian communist governments.

The wording of the tweet, which links to a Department of National Intelligence (DNI) “booklet” about “homegrown violent extremism” is clear.

The 2019 document contains images commonly associated with radical Islamic terrorism and lists “mobilization indicators” including “communicating directly with violent extremists online.”

Yet there is a distinct ‘Hey Americans, spy on your families for the government’ vibe in the FBI tweet, as numerous detractors noted:

Others noted that real homegrown extremists are being ignored:

The development comes amid heightened scrutiny of the FBI concerning its role in the events at the Capitol on January 6th, and the subsequent treatment of those it has detained.


As it turns out, the Lego set of the Capitol recently seized by the FBI wasn’t “fully constructed” after all:

Thank God for that.

The FBI’s ‘turn in your family and friends’ plea comes in the wake of Facebook rolling out it’s own version:

Via https://summit.news/2021/07/12/fbi-asks-americans-to-spy-on-own-families-and-friends-to-prevent-extremism/