The Jab Propaganda Falls Apart: “Vaccinated” People Account for 60% of COVID-19 Deaths in the UK

A stunning revelation emerged recently that exposes the lies behind the global “vaccination” campaign in one of the leading nations when it comes to the percentage of people who have been fully jabbed. According to Public Health England data, 43% of Covid-19 fatalities in the UK were people who were fully “vaccinated”. Furthermore, a shocking 60% of Covid-19 deaths are attributed to people who have received at least one dose.

What this tragic news reveals is something most of us who have been railing against these experimental “vaccines” have been saying for months only to be shouted down and dismissed as “antivaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists”. There is a reason why truly safe and effective vaccines take on the average of 10-15 years to develop, test and garner approval for general use. That was not the case with these biotech corporation nostrums which were rushed into production after only three months of human trials.

As evidenced by the horrific condo collapse in Miami, cutting corners is a recipe for disaster. What is true of buildings is infinitely truer when it comes to the human body. For decades, the standard protocol for determining the safety and efficacy of vaccines required subjecting all pharmaceutical products to undergo clinical trials that had five phases. Each clinical phase entailed rigorous testing, double-blind studies, murder boards and meticulous peer reviews. These steps were essential to eliminate confirmation bias and to ensure perceived short-term benefits were not overcome by long-term risks. These prerequisite steps were bypassed for the first time when it came to Covid-19 “vaccines”, which is why we are seeing record numbers of injuries and deaths associated with them.

The CDC’s own VAERS database shows an explosion in the number of injuries and deaths associated with just children. This same picture is evident among the overall jabbed population

The events we are witnessing in real time should be the basis for Nuremberg Trials 2.0; politicians, pundits, public health officials and medical professionals have maliciously pushed these unproven and unsafe “vaccines” and leveraged their status to condition more than 2 billion people around the world to get jabbed with toxins that could one day lead to a global holocaust. The same way Nazi doctors injected Jews and “undesirables” with experimental drugs, authority figures are coercing tens of millions of Americans and billions around the world to get jabbed without informed consent.

The alarming number of post-“vaccination” injuries and deaths that are being reported in the UK, the United States and beyond are but the tip of the iceberg. As much as I hope and pray that I am wrong, past studies have shown that there are greater body counts to come. Though mRNA “vaccines” were only tested on humans for three months last year, they have been around ever since Messenger RNA was discovered in 1961. Virologists have been testing mRNA boosters on lab animals, specifically ferrets and cats, for more than two decades.

What transpired next is what keeps me awake at night given the number of family and friends who have been “vaccinated”. The lab animals that developed antibodies once they got jabbed were wiped out once their short-lived immunity wore off and they were reintroduced to SARS. What led to their wholesale extermination was a condition called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). An autoimmune disease much like HIV/AIDS, ADE hijacks immune systems and turns an organism’s natural defense systems against its own vital organs.

If we actually had a free-press, the breathtaking developments in the UK would be treated as breaking news and politicians would treat this devastating development as the crisis it truly is. To the contrary, the political class and their enablers in mainstream media are bandying talking points stating that 99% of Covid-19 deaths in America are attributed to the “unvaccinated”. What they are omitting from this propaganda  is that they are not using the same PCR [enlargement] thresholds between those who got jabbed and those who refused. Not even Enron stooped to this level of dishonest accounting.

As Dr. Brian Tyson noted in the interview below I conducted with him last week, which was subsequently deleted by YouTube, there is a global conspiracy to bury truths and promote these unsafe and inefficacious experimental gene therapy cocktails they are promoting as “vaccines”. The fact that any hint of dissent and any questions about these boosters, including from renowned doctors who specialize in Covid-19 treatments, is being censored in ways that are truly unprecedented is all the proof we need that there is something afoot beyond protecting the public.

The more the media narratives that are driving this insane mass-“vaccination” campaign start to unravel, the more the establishment double-down. Since facts are not on their side, the only thing they can do is traffic in fear-porn, revert to ad hominem and inflame people’s already frayed emotions. Their latest gambit is the “lambda variant” as they try to scare the hell out of people in order to manufacture “vaccine” consent. What they are not telling us is that it’s the jabs that are most likely causing the mutations to begin with. Last year, Brazil, South Africa and the UK were the countries that the AstraZeneca “vaccines” were tested in. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that those three countries happen to be the source of the three mutations that are ricocheting around the world.

Instead of pressing pause and truly assessing the risk profile of these experimental “vaccines”, the establishment have moved the goal post in order to justify the continued use of these deadly boosters. Their latest talking point is that deaths are to be expected among “vaccinated” people even though a few months ago they were raving about how “safe and effective” these jabs were. They are perfectly prepared to sacrifice you and your children in order to get to their desired outcome. Question is, are you willing to risk irreparable harm or death in order to protect yourself from a virus that has a mortality rate of less than 0.66%?

By Teodrose Fikremariam Via Ghion Journal