Leaked Documents: Defense Contractor Raytheon Pushing Extreme Critical Race Theory Re-education On Employees

Internal documents obtained by activist Christopher Rufo show that behemoth U.S. defense contractor Raytheon is pushing a program of extreme Critical Race Theory re-education on its employees, with white workers being told to check their “privilege,” dismiss the notion of “equality,” and support the leftist move to “defund the police.”

The Daily Caller reports on Rufo’s findings, noting that Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes is behind the program which is dubbed the “Stronger Together” campaign.

The documents reveal that the program directs employees on “becoming an anti-racist today,” and includes a “corporate diversity” pledge that employees are asked to sign.

Rufo’s findings add to the litany of corporate, educational, government and even military entities adopting extreme woke directives and enforcing them on employees and members.

The activist previously revealed that another huge contractor, Lockheed Martin, recently asked white male executives to analyse their “privilege” and attempt to educate themselves on how white male behavior is “devastating” to racial minorities.

In another viral monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Tuesday of the divisiveness and dangers of such efforts, noting that ‘If you question critical race theory, crazed ideologues will attack you and hurt your children’.


Via https://summit.news/2021/07/07/leaked-documents-defense-contractor-raytheon-pushing-extreme-critical-race-theory-re-education-on-employees/