Stop Silencing Us: An Open Letter to Facebook, Google, Twitter and Social Media Platform Employees

Throughout the scope of human history, information was wielded by the “elites” as a means of conditioning the masses to accept inequality and comply with the status quo. The most powerful weapon ever created by mankind was not the atomic bomb, media has always been the ruling class’s most potent ordnance. It’s for this reason that the Bible was once monopolized by the Catholic church and why Nazis burned books; the more information people have, the harder it is to keep them subjugated.

Information is power and those who own it are all powerful.

It is precisely because the flow of information is so imperative that wars are fought in the realm of public opinion as much as they are on battlefields. A coworker who served in the US Army once told me that the most dangerous job in the military belongs to comms personnel. She described how all military campaigns start with trying to take out the enemy’s ability to communicate; a fighting force that is not informed and loses situational awareness is one that is easily defeated.

Social media was supposed to break the iron grip the plutocracy have over information and democratize news in ways that empower the average Jane and Joe. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the like promised to deliver a new day of citizen-journalism that could truly create a marketplace of ideas where the winners and losers are not determined by money but by the merit of people’s content. This grand experiment in self-determination was aborted the minute the major social media platforms decided to go public and seek fortunes ahead of their principles.

Far from breaking the paradigm where information is consolidated and monopolized by governments and the billionaire class who own them, Facebook and Twitter cast their lot with the establishment by silencing dissent and censoring people who don’t agree with conventional wisdom. The muzzling of independent journalists like me and countless millions who do not comply with the edicts of the government-media-corporate complex did not start 18 months ago when this dreaded pandemic shattered normal and plunged us head first into the abyss of fear and uncertainty; to the contrary this Orwellian level of censorship we are witnessing started by targeting people on the fringes only to see the net expand and ensnare anyone who dares to question authority.

I have been writing about the safety and efficacy, or lack thereof, of the Covid-19 “vaccines” since December of 2020. The more my articles drew eyeballs, the more I was censored. Over the past three months, my Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn accounts have all been deleted as if I’m a danger to the public. Yet nearly everything I’ve been writing about, from the origins of the virus to the fact that these “vaccines” do not prevent contraction nor transmission of the Coronavirus, have been proven right. The job of a journalist is not to copy and paste biotech corporations and government talking points but to challenge them to ensure transparency. I have been continuously silenced for exercising my rights which are enumerated and guaranteed by the First Amendment.

This malicious silencing of journalists and people who commit the cardinal sin of asking questions about Covid-19 and Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s experimental “vaccines” has nothing to do with protecting the public. A full three months before Coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, a global exercise by the name of “Event 201”—an event sponsored by none other than Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and my alma mater Johns Hopkins University—outlined steps that were to be taken in the event of a “hypothetical” pandemic.

One of the actions that was called for was for social media sites to censor people who question the “vaccines”. What you are now doing is something that we premeditated and planned months if not years before Covid-19 arrived to take my mom and nearly 4 million people around the world.

I write this open letter to employees at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and other social media sites who are engaging in censorship. My aim is not to vilify you but to appeal to your sense of morality and justice. I know the vast majority of you are good and decent people who go to work daily trying to contribute to the betterment of society. Moreover, I also know that a lot of you do not agree with what is taking place as you watch news being manipulated and society being engineered through algorithms and newsfeed suppression. I know this is not what you signed up for; you did not spend fortunes going to college and sacrificed long hours to graduate with honors only to become minders of governments and to be the capos of corporations.

I fully expect to be deplatformed by Twitter after they permanently suspended my primary account three months ago. Facebook did likewise as they deleted an account I opened up in 2007. But if the price of seeking truth and questioning authority is banishment and exclusion from the 21st century’s public square, so be it. I have experienced far worse in my life, including nearly two years of homelessness, for me to be cowed into compliance by threats of censorship. However, it greatly saddens me to see America, the country that gave refuge to my family and me when my homeland turned us into refugees, reverting to the practices of tyrants like Mengistu Hailemariam who forced us to flee in 1983.

A society that censors is one that is on its deathbed. I really ask you to look into your hearts and ask yourselves if you are OK with the way things turned out at your place of employment. If you are not, instead of seething everyday you go to work knowing that you are complicit in this ongoing abrogation of truth, reach out to some of your fellow workers and find ways to defy in order to stand up for justice. If enough of you raise hell and demand change, it can happen overnight. We are headed for very dark times over the coming days and weeks, I implore you to be on the right side of history instead of following orders you know in your hearts to be unjust.

By Teodrose Fikremariam Via Ghion Journal