US President Joe Biden justified the bombing operations carried out by US aircraft on sites in Syria and Iraq, saying that they targeted facilities used by pro-Iranian factions.

Biden said in a letter he addressed to Congress that on June 27, he had ordered the operation to be carried out, as US forces launched strikes targeting two sites in Syria and a site in Iraq near the Syrian border.

Biden added that the targeted sites were used by factions linked to Iran that participated in a series of attacks carried out by drones, and targeted US forces and their facilities in Iraq.

The US President considered that these strikes aimed to protect the safety of US forces, weaken and disrupt the attacks that target them, deter Iran and its loyal factions, and prevent it from launching further attacks against American interests.

Biden’s message came after the American bombing that targeted sites in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor near the Iraqi border, and reportedly killed a child and damaged the homes of the residents of the area, as the US Department of Defense announced responsibility for the attack, while the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned the bombing, saying that it was a violation of Syrian sovereignty and international law.

by Khaled Iskef Via