On June 29th, Israeli company Rafael unveiled its “Sea Breaker”, which is a Maritime & Land-Based, Long-Range Autonomous Weapon System.

It is essentially a new precision missile, with 300 km range. It can operate from ships at sea, and also ground-based launchers.

The Sea Breaker is a naval and artillery unit “force multiplier, designed to overcome the challenges of the modern warfare arena,” Rafael said in a statement.

The four-meter-long missile weighs less than 400 kilograms and flies at high subsonic speeds towards its target.

With infrared homing and automatic target recognition capabilities, it can be launched both during the day or night and in all weather conditions.

“It’s smart and to the point,” a senior Rafael official told reporters, adding that the Sea Breaker brings all the capabilities of the Israeli company into one precision strike fifth-generation missile.

It can be used for various purposes including sea-to-sea, sea-land, land-sea or land-land missions against high-value targets and can be launched from a naval platform of varying sizes from fast attack missile ships to corvettes and frigates.

According to the company, the battery architecture supports standalone launchers, or operates as an integrated solution with a command-and-control Unit (CCU) and various sensors.

It has an advanced IIR seeker, and can reportedly be used effectively in A2/AD areas.

It can hit targets in littoral or brown water, including archipelagos and also strike targets where previous “generation RF-seeker-based missiles are not effective,” Rafael said.

According to senior Rafael officials, the company took the capabilities of both the SPIKE NLOS and SPICE missiles and combined them to make the Sea Breaker.

Using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies like deep-learning and big data-based scene matching, the missile is able to automatically acquire and track targets.

It also has a datalink-support system that allows the operator to make decisions and tactical updates.

The missile can be used in GPS-denied arenas and is immune to electronic countermeasures (ECM) and is jam-resilient. The Sea Breaker also has a mid-flight abort capability and battle damage assessment for operators to see the target after firing the missile.

“It’s mission effective,” said the official, adding that it can strike targets “when you want, how you want and from where you want.”

Via https://southfront.org/rafael-reveals-new-sea-breaker-maritime-and-land-based-autonomous-precision-missile/