A special meeting on the Syrian file of the “Group of Seven”.

The United States of America announced that a meeting of the “Group of Seven” will be held next Monday on the Syrian file in particular.

The United States indicated that it will take place on the sidelines of the “Group of Seven” meeting, which will take place in the Italian capital, “Rome”. The “International Coalition Conference to Fight “ISIS” was also held.

The meeting gains its importance because it is the first for the administration of US President “Joe Biden” on the Syrian file, and it will show the new American orientations towards the Syrian war. Especially after Biden’s summit with Russian President “Vladimir Putin” recently.

The “Group of Seven” meeting includes the member states of the group, the United States of America, Britain, France, Germany and Canada, in addition to Italy and Japan. Noting that Turkey, Jordan and the Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, are also scheduled to be invited to the meeting.

Political analysts expect that the Rome meeting will clarify three tracks related to the Syrian issue, the first of which is the policy that the Biden administration will follow towards war in the country. The second is the extent to which the United States is able to control regional differences related to the issue of border crossings, and the third is the issue of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, whose meetings have not yet produced any results, due to the obstruction of the work of the Syrian opposition delegation.

On the other hand, other analysts believe that the “Group of Seven” meeting will not result in any actual development in the Syrian file. Its results will come as routine confirmations of the positions that support the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee. Punishing those involved and expelling foreign military forces from the country, without actual implementation that would end the war.

What complicates the matter is the Turkish practices that the United States cannot deny in the face of Russia and Syria. Especially represented by the Turkish forces’ support for the “Al-Nusra ” organization, which is on the terrorist lists. In addition to the file of relief aid that the United States invokes to open the Syrian border crossings. At the same time, the aid that enters through the “Bab al-Hawa” crossing in northern Syria is being stolen by the Turkish forces and their armed factions.

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