Western Democratic Extremism Is Out Of Control

The C-virus has shown us that the Western society is a bubble that has burst and the consequences are incalculable, the worst is yet to come.


Since 2015, Western society and culture have been going downhill more and more. While it was difficult enough in 2008 after the banking crisis, the refugee crisis in 2015 gave the death blow to Western democracies and culture. The C-virus was the last drop to spill over and painfully showed the incapable governments of the West, who are corrupt and paid off by lobby groups like the pharmaceutical industry and billionaires like Gates and Soros.

The West thought that the new color revolution in Syria would succeed and had not counted on Russia’s involvement and help towards the Syrian Arab Republic, which in itself was a very ignorant or dumb thing to do. If they were properly educated politically and geopolitically they could have it seen coming. Since the Syrian war and perhaps already before that, the color revolutions, occupation of Iraq and the destruction of the Libyan Nation, Western democracies, this is how they like to call themselves, have suffered one blow after the other. The Syrian war opened Pandora’s Box and can‘t be closed anymore. The C-virus was the last thing that made everything get out of control.

Nowhere in the West do the people count, according to Paul Craig Roberts. He is focusing mainly on the US, but the same can be said for Europeans, Australians, Canadians, Brits and citizens of New Zealand. The Western world is lost in its own moral bankruptcy, its citizens are hopelessly lost in propaganda and polarisation, forced upon them by a technocratic totalitarian regime called the European Union (EU). Freedom of speech or even (free) thoughts are gone, not in a way like for instance in the former GDR or WWII, but in exclusion from society, no prison sentences as yet, but the way it‘s developing, it might be coming in the near future. You can see the removing from social media as a prison sentence, because everything in our daily lives is involved around the Internet, banking, writing, work, even selling and buying goods, and as of the 1 July, travelling in the EU, given to you by a technocratic regime called the EU, only allowed with a green pass. And that is not all they want. Adigital identity is planned, which is nothing more than a Social Credit System, to be implemented in the EU in 2022, as a pilot project.

Racism, Climate & LGBT

These subjects, which actually are a distraction from the real problems facing the EU, have become the main targets of the EU, forced upon their citizens, like a religion or doctrine, without freedom of arguments or opposition. Children in schools are indoctrinated, already in Kindergarten with sexuality, which is actually the job of parents. I wrote many times before, school books (in the Netherlands) are under the supervision of TowerBrooks, an investment management firm, located in the US and UK. Its biggest stakeholder is George Soros, who is known as ‘the manwhobroke the BankofEngland’, because in 1992, he bet against the pound and reportedly made £1.5 billion pounds when the sterling plummeted, leading then-Prime Minister John Major to withdraw the currency from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in what became known as Black Wednesday. A criminal you can say, still in power, dominating the EU, the largest contributor to Black Lives Matter and sponsor of Fridays for Future (the climate group). In one sentence, Soros is together with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab the biggest threat to the EU (and for that matter the whole world) citizens, who are used to freedom and real culture. They created a cancel culture for the sake of refugees, equality and saving the world! They sponsor, or were part of, wars to force governments to open their borders for so-called refugees so Europe would become like the US, a multicultural society, based on US principles, no sovereignty is asked. This is the Globalists at their best, towards a one world (Western) government.

The C-Virus Used As A Weapon Of Terror & A Geopolitical Weapon

The C-virus has become a weapon in the hybrid war, a war which turned into a second cold war. At least the political leaders of Western countries had the ability to negotiate, or at least be on talking terms with the communist world. Nowadays it seems, especially from EU countries, bad rhethoric is heard in their media outlets. Also a special site has been developed, the so-called EU disinformation website, where allegedly ‘fake-news‘ is fact-checked. If you look at the site, it’s all about Russia. Real leaders should be more concerned about the lives or their citizens, an experimental vaccine should not be promoted in the way they do it now. They turned vaccines into capitalism and brought the companies who produce them on the stock markets, which is an awful thing to do, exploiting health for the profit of the few (richest) in the Western world! Russia‘s Sputnik V is not (yet) available in the EU and currently not recognized as such. People who want to vaccinate and get Sputnik V are not eligible for the ‘green pass‘. Vaccines are used as a weapon of terror to scare the hell out of its own EU citizens by mind control propaganda and used in the hybrid war against Russia so we can also call it a politized weapon!

Concluding Thoughts & A Private Note

Europe, meaning the EU countries, will change into an unrecognizable fortress, with a pro-refugee, green, anti-racism, LGBT policy. Some of these subjects sound humane and good, but not the way they’re used and implemented right now. It has become an extremist agenda, without real solutions. Good solutions are bringing economic prosperity to Africa or a real good handling of a virus so that it will not become a so-called ‘pandemic‘, good and affordable healthcare, stop supporting wars and controlling Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially cyberspace would be a real improvement. For climate change, let big multinationals like Monsanto-Bayer stop spreading poison on our land and spoil our food, let Bill Gates stop his crazy projects of cooling down the sun, stop him from buying all the land in the world so he can grow genetically modified vegetables and for God’s sake let him be stopped with his vaccination madness and go back to his real job: computers!

As per 1 July I will be leaving the EU for an indefinite period of time. It‘s not because I am running away from the virus, but for all the reasons I mentioned (above) in my article. To conduct journalism, you should be ‘free‘ in reporting and most of all meet up with the people and countries you write about. So, I am leaving for now and taking the path that will lead me. I want to be ‘free‘ in reporting, although many people claim there are not many places anymore where you will find freedom, but there are always a few here and there where I will find it and will report it to you!

By Sonja van den Ende Via https://www.oneworld.press/?module=articles&action=view&id=2092