Peru Sitrep and Update

Peru had Presidential (run-off) elections on 6 June 2021 – the final result is still not published, even though the National Election Committee had finished its work and decided that, though with a razor thin margin, the socialist Pedro Castillo, primary school professor, from rural Cajamarca, won the election.

His opponent, the ultra-neoliberal Keiko Fujimori – yes, you are right – she is former President Fujimori’s daughter – her father is in prison for corruption and crimes on humanity (a 25 year sentence) – she, Keiko, is fighting tooth and nail to turn this election result around in her favor. 

She had been freed from preventive prison while investigated for corruption, so she could run for President – a strange law, but apparently legit in Peru. Should she become President against all odds, she will be protected from prosecution due to government immunity. If not – as it looks to be the case now, she will be going back to prison, at least temporarily.

Coercion and corruption is strong in Peru.

Should a turn-around of the election results happen – it would not come as a surprise if extreme turmoil, if not civil war were to erupt.