The Manipulated Human Being Is Capable of Anything, Except Saying NO.

Dear fellow citizens, do not march along again as the citizens of Germany marched along with Hitler in the 1930s and 1940s.

Say NO to the machinations of the new dictators and their accomplices. These have already begun to “thin out” humanity with their Corona emergency measures and killer vaccines and plunge it into economic and social chaos. Educate yourself in the alternative media so that you know about the gigantic deception of humanity regarding the Covid-19 virus.

Although more and more of this is coming to light, these psychopaths will not let up and will continue to try to push through their plans. The current psychological warfare is only the prelude to the next diabolical move, the “no-alternative” decimation and absolute control of humanity due to a trumped-up climate crisis. Read the well-founded articles of  expert colleagues.

The manipulated human being marches along with the dictators

For a long time, mankind has lived by believing what the priest and the church said. New thoughts were not allowed, they were punished. For some centuries now, we have had the time of reason. But what does this time of reason look like?

There is still murder, violence, manslaughter and dictatorships.

And how have people reacted to these dictatorships? In Hitler’s Germany – as in other dictatorships – wasn’t everyone in on it: the workers, the employees, the Reds, the Blacks, the psychologists, the philosophers, the churchmen? Everyone marched along with Hitler – except for a few personalities who did not want to join in. Violence lived in society – and it still lives today. We breathe the violence. And again, the overwhelming majority march along.

In psychology we know that we humans are already manipulated in our childhood by the upbringing of our parents, so that we then respond to everything. And then we are manipulated by the state and the various institutions.

The Catholic by his church. Man is ultimately capable of anything. There is hardly a human being who has escaped unscathed. Man is manipulated in such a way that he is not capable of thinking clearly, but falls down.

Everyone falls over.

Even the leftists fail again and again.

Without psychology, humanity will not progress

We can only explain this phenomenon with the insights of indepth psychology. Otherwise we will always go astray.

The state, the church, all institutions and the whole of education proceed from the assumption that man is to be pressed into a certain mould.

This results in a certain tendency in our thinking, in our feeling: We know no other opinion. We are so manipulated that we always fall for the lure of authority and go to war, for example. Man is brought up in such a way that he cannot say NO. Authoritarian education results in such emotional reactions. And apart from the emotional, the thinking is also deformed. People are not capable of thinking rationally. That is why we have this beautiful world before us.

But we cannot blame the person who has gone through this traditional education: not the psychologist, not the philosopher, not the priest, not the bishop and not even the Pope. We can only appeal to them: Say NO!