Why Did Putin React So Harshly To The Latest Fake News About Russia & Iran?

President Putin surprised observers by harshly condemning the latest fake news about Russia and Iran as nothing more than “garbage”, with such strong language being completely out of character for the usually stoic world leader, but it seems as though he inevitably reached his personal limit and was finally triggered by the years-long deluge of similarly false claims about those countries’ bilateral relations which ridiculously fantasize that they’re “allies” against “Israel”.

President Putin jumped out of character last week when responding to NBC News’ question about the latest claims that Russia purportedly offered Iran advanced military satellites that could bolster its missile targeting capabilities in the region. The usually stoic world leader harshly condemned those reports as “garbage”, which surprised observers who aren’t accustomed to President Putin employing such strong language about anything. It can’t be known for sure, but it might very well be the case that he inevitably reached his personal limit and was finally triggered by the years-long deluge of similarly false claims about those countries’ bilateral relations which ridiculously fantasize that they’re “allies” against “Israel”. The reader should be reminded that although the latest report that he was asked about originated in the Western Mainstream Media (MSM), that false narrative was first popularized by the Alt-Media Community (AMC) and forms one of their chief dogmas.

The truth has always been the complete opposite of how both the MSM and AMC deliberately misportrayed it, albeit in pursuit of opposite self-interested ends. The MSM regards Iran as one of the world’s top evils so falsely claiming that Russia is in an “alliance” with it is intended to blacken Moscow’s reputation by association. The AMC, however, sees Iran as one of the world’s top forces of good, which is why they pretend that Russia’s “allied” with it in order to boost Moscow’s soft power. What neither media faction ever acknowledges is that Russia is actually in a de facto alliance with “Israel”. The MSM regards “Israel” as one of the world’s top forces of good so it doesn’t want to recognize this lest it boost Moscow’s reputation by association. Likewise, the AMC sees “Israel” as one of the world’s top evils so they’re loathe to acknowledge this as well since they’re concerned that this fact will reduce Russia’s appeal among their targeted audience.

I elaborated on the driving forces and regional geostrategic consequences of the de facto Russian-”Israeli” alliance (“Rusrael”) in two analyses earlier this year asking “Why Isn’t Alt-Media Asking About The S-300s After Biden’s Latest Strike In Syria?” and “Should Iran Be Worried About Russia’s Coordination With ‘Israel’ & The US In Syria?” The first one hyperlinks to 15 of my prior analyses over the years analyzing this subject while the second more directly discusses the impact of this on Russian-Iranian relations in Syria. It’s also worth referencing my collection of President Putin’s quotes over the years from the official Kremlin website that I published in May 2018 at Oriental Review. In particular, I highlighted the Russian leader’s uncharacteristically harsh condemnation of former Iranian President Ahmadinejad while talking to RT in 2013 in response to the latter’s prior call for “Israel’s” destruction.

All of this confirms what any objective observer should have realized by now, and it’s that President Putin is the world’s longest-serving most consistently pro-”Israeli” leader in modern history. He doesn’t give the self-professed “Jewish State” a “carte blanche” like the US does since he’s still in favor of a two-state solution and doesn’t recognize “Israel’s” illegal occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights, but he’s nevertheless extremely passionate about protecting his de facto ally’s regional security interests. This explains why the Russian Ministry of Defense revealed in September 2018 after the tragic mid-air incident over Syria at the time that Russia pushed Iran and its allies a whopping 140 kilometers away from the Occupied Golan Height’s at “Israel’s” request according to RT. It also adds the necessary context for understanding the recently clinched internal security pact between the two where they agreed to cooperate on fighting “terror” among other such things.

With this in mind, readers can now have a better idea why President Putin was finally triggered by the latest fake news about Russian-Iranian relations after presumably being aware of the AMC’s propagation of similarly false narratives over the years that spread like wildfire through the Russian-friendly segment of social media. He wanted to send the strongest message possible to both the MSM and AMC that it’s nothing more than “garbage” to claim that his country would ever equip Iran with the military means to make good on its repeated threats to destroy “Israel”. It doesn’t make sense for Russia to thwart Iran’s reported plans to attack “Israel” with short-range missiles from the Syrian sector of the Golan Heights only to then improve its long-range missile capabilities through the sale of an advanced military satellite. Of course, Russia’s strategic calculations can always change like any country’s, but this is how they stand at the present moment.

Considering that the MSM was responsible for this latest fake news about Russian-Iranian relations (which is a change for once since such claims usually originate from the AMC), it’s worthwhile wondering what the intent of this information warfare attack may have been. The timing is such that this provocation was propagated in the run-up to this Wednesday’s Putin-Biden Summit, which strongly suggests that it might have been meant to derail the progress that those two leaders are expected to make in responsibly regulating their comprehensive competition. There still remains a faction of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) that wants to sabotage the country’s rapprochement with Russia for ideological reasons, but they’re on the decline. I elaborated more on this in my latest piece for the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) titled “Towards Increasingly Complex Multipolarity: Scenario For The Future”.

President Putin therefore felt compelled to settle this issue once and for all due to what’s at stake ahead of this week’s summit with Biden. He also wanted to make it explicitly clear to the AMC that no true Non-Russian Pro-Russian (NRPR) would ever spread fake news about Russian-Iranian relations, especially after he uncharacteristically condemned such actions in the harshest way possible as nothing more than “garbage”. Those that continue to do so are either delusional or deceptive, the latter of which might be either for ideological or financial reasons (related to exploiting clickbait to drive up ad revenue and/or soliciting more donations from their naive but well-intended audience). Russian-Iranian relations are pragmatic and mutually beneficial, but they certainly don’t take precedence over Russia’s de facto alliance with “Israel”, so nobody should ever expect Moscow to equip Tehran with the means to make good on the threat to destroy its ally.

By Andrew Korybko Via https://www.oneworld.press/?module=articles&action=view&id=2079