The Arctic Fox: The Dynamics between Russia and America

My bottom line is this. There is an interest in the United States to work with Russia. We should and we will. If Russia seeks to violate the interest of the United States, we will respond. We’ll always stand in defense of our country, our institutions, our people and our allies.

– U.S. President Joe Biden, April 15, 2021


U.S. President Joe Biden has just departed for Europe as of Wednesday and is of this writing thick in the midst of talks with his G7 allies – everything from trade, vaccine donations, climate change, rebuilding infrastructure and taxing multinational corporations are in play during the high powers scrum.[1]

From there, Biden heads out to Brussels for talks with leaders of NATO and the European Union to discuss the challenges threatened by Russia and China, and about getting more contributions from all their allies.[2]

All of this would set the leader of the free world with abundant strength of numbers before facing off with the final stop on his visit – a meeting in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin.[3]

Going into this discussion with what National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan described as “the wind at his back,” it can be imagined that the new president is perhaps chomping at the bit to ground the man once known as America’s puppet master in his corner and let him know that “America is back!” He’ll be in a good position to grill him on the massive SolarWinds cyberattack, election interference, build-ups on the Ukrainian border, the imprisonment of opponent Alexei Navalny, and his support for Belarusian President’s arrest of an opposition journalist.[4]

On the other hand, the positions of the two leaders given their relative positions might seem to induce in Putin not so much cowering, as laughter.

If we are to turn our attention to a viewpoint countering the vast legions of the U.S. publishing press, one would be hard pressed to find an example uniquely qualified to present it than our guest this week on the Global Research News Hour.

Russian-American writer and blogger Dmitry Orlov broke down the actual positions of the two presidents, outlining really how much of an attack machine is built on rumour and lies and how if Biden doesn’t change any element of his position, Putin has no incentive to expect anything coming out of this convergence.

In a long conversation taking up the majority of the show, Orlov also examines the threatening moves by NATO, the coronavirus situation as viewed from Russia and the Sputnik V vaccine, the role of the virus from within a geopolitical context, and of the impending collapse of America.

(Global Research News Hour Episode 320)



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