Iraqi ultimatum to Turkey: ” We will shoot down your F-16. Leave immediately ”

An important piece of information was provided by the Russian media aviapro (LINK), as it states in an article that the Iraqi President asked Turkey to immediately stop the Turkish military operation in the country.

“After Turkey arbitrarily launched a military operation against the Kurds on Iraqi soil, the President of the country reacted quite harshly to Erdogan’s actions and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense threatened to use Pantsir-S against Turkish F-16 fighters and against Bayraktar TB2.”

What preceded

Just 24 hours ago, at least three people living in a refugee camp were killed in northern Iraq on June 5th by a Turkish air strike, said Rasad Kelali, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party. The operation, in the camp housing thousands of Kurdish refugees from Turkey, came three days after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Iraq that Ankara would “clean up” the camp. The Turkish government claims that Kurdish fighters are taking refuge there.

An Iraqi security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed to media that the airstrike had killed and injured people, without giving an exact number of casualties.

Iraq Threatens To Shoot Down Turkish Fighters, Drones Over Its Territory

Kurdish strikes against Turks

A few days ago, the Kurds shared a video of a strike that took place between June 1-3, against Turkish invaders in the Afrin area. A total of 12 Turkish soldiers and 2 mercenary terrorists were killed and 7 others were wounded.

In the past year, Turkish forces have intensified their attacks on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) bases in northern Iraq, mainly in a 30-kilometer strip of land.

On Thursday, Erdogan said Mahmur, a camp 180km south of the Turkish border that has housed thousands of refugees for a decade, is a “hatchery” of fighters and must be tackled. The camp was set up in the 1990s, when thousands of Kurds in Turkey crossed the border, an action Ankara claims was deliberately provoked by the PKK.

The Mahmur camp was targeted by Turkey a year ago, but there were no reports of casualties. A senior Turkish official said it was now a priority for Ankara.

Later last Saturday, holding Kurdish flags and shouting “our voices are the voices of freedom against the occupation”, dozens of people marched in Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah province, denouncing the Turkish intervention. “Innocent women and children are being killed.

“Turkey wants to occupy Kurdistan but we, the Kurds here together with the PKK, will fight until the last hour of our lives,” said one protester, Omid Saleh.

In a separate incident five Peshmerga fighters (Iraqi Kurds) were killed and seven wounded in a PKK ambush, the Peshmerga ministry said.

The Peshmerga convoy was attacked on Mount Matin, near the town of Amedi, while conducting a routine check in the area. “The Peshmerga ministry is calling for immediate action by the Iraqi federal government to put an end to the ongoing Turkish military operations in the Kurdistan region,” the statement said. He also called on the PKK to “transfer its struggle elsewhere, away from Kurdish homes and the Kurdistan region.”

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