Doctor Who Wants Indefinite Lockdown Says “Sadly, It Can’t be Forever”

A doctor who argued that the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown should remain in place indefinitely may have inadvertently revealed his true thoughts by letting slip the comment, “sadly, it can’t be forever.”

Yes, really.

The remark was made by National Health Action Party’s Doctor Richard Taylor during a fiery interview hosted by Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRADIO.

Hartley-Brewer challenged Taylor’s ‘zero COVID’ argument after the doctor suggested that some form of lockdown should remain in place until the virus is entirely eradicated, which is a scientific impossibility.

“I think the lockdown should continue indefinitely until we have got rid of this retched bug,” said Taylor.

“Millions of other people want to live their lives,” said Hartley-Brewer, adding, “Children want to be at school they don’t want to wear a mask on public transportation, they want to go on holiday.”

“They want to meet people they want to have parties and weddings and enjoy their lives and go to the pub, and live a normal life.”

Taylor insisted that the country must stay in lockdown until the virus is “no longer spreading and it’s not going round the rest of the world,” which again is scientifically impossible within a time span of years or decades since the virus will always exist in some form.

“Richard, that’s forever!” responded Hartley-Brewer.

“Well, sadly, it can’t be forever,” said Taylor.

He then attempted to clarify that he meant it’s sad the “bug can’t be controlled.”

Dubious. Did Taylor perform a verbal slip-up or a Freudian slip?

As we highlighted yesterday, UK government adviser and former Communist Party member Susan Michie said that mask mandates and social distancing should continue “forever” and that people should adopt such behaviour just as they did with wearing seatbelts.