GeoStrategic Hour With Matthew Ehret: The Trilateral Commission and the Controlled Disintegration of the Economy

How did the Trilateral Commission orchestrate a bankers’ coup in the USA in the 1970s, and how did that coup directly drive a nation stripping of the USA and a re-implementation of a radical neo colonial model of world governance since that time? How did this network initiate the looting schemes of Russia and how did they fail to achieve their “Chinese Perestroika” with the failure of Zhao Ziyang (CCP General Secretary 1987-89) and the CIA/Soros liberalization of China? How can this process of self-suicide be reversed? And what lessons can be learned from the 1929-1933 Wall Street-orchestrated Great Depression and attempt at a 1933 Bankers’ Dictatorship which was sabotaged by President Franklin Roosevelt?

These questions and more are discussed in this week’s edition of The Strategic Hour with Matt Ehret.