Media Speculation: SARS Virus C-19 Originated Either In The US Or China

A lot of speculation is going on in the regular media about the origins of the so-called SARS Covid-19 virus. As was argued right at the beginning of the outbreak, it could be a bioweapon created in a laboratory and most likely it is. Governments of course will bring up all kinds of theories, blaming China or the US.

The Facts

One of the facts is that the national bio-safety Wuhan laboratory in China had contracts with the US through the Galveston National Laboratory of the University of Texas. It also had strong ties and contracts with Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory until staff scientists Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng, who were also remunerated by the Canadian government, were escorted from the Canadian lab for undisclosed reasons in July 2019, which the Canadian government and the so-called fact-checkers deny. Researchers from the Wuhan laboratory have also collaborated in gain of function research on coronaviruses with American colleagues from the University of Texas. The US itself has many very dangerous laboratories around the world, like in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Africa and inside the US itself (Fort Detrick). The most dangerous one outside the US is in Ukraine, you remember the country which had to be part of Europe, this is one of the reasons why it had to be part of the EU and therefore the US (NATO).

Fort Detrick

During World War II, Camp Detrick, or now Fort Detrick became the site of intensive biological warfare research. Until the end of the Cold War all sorts of biological weapons were tested in the Fort‘s laboratories, very dangerous and hazardous bioweapons which can harm mankind or lead to its extinctino. In 1990 a mysterious outbreak of a fatal illness among a shipment of macaquemonkeys imported from the Philippines broke out. The company who transported the monkeys sent samples from the dead monkeys to Fort Detrick, where laboratory tests showed antibodies from the Ebola virus. The team from the laboratory euthanized the surviving monkeys on an unknown spot and brought the carcasses to Fort Detrick for study, which they then stated they disposed of under safe conditions. The Philippines and the United States had no previous cases of Ebola infections before this incident, but the researchers said it was Ebola so what went wrong there? Did they make the so-called Ebola virus ready to be a bioweapon for mankind and released it somehow in Africa later on? This is how Ebola got out and with some certainty we can say it‘s a bioweapon made in Fort Detrick.

US & China Working Together

For all the people who are defending China or the US, I must disappoint them. China and the US have, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (since 2007) and the US and Chinese governments, excellent cooperation on the COVID-19 outbreak. Long before that they were partners in the pharmaceutical industry (China is the largest producer for Europe, besides India) and as I mentioned above research, also on biological weapons because that is how we should call research which is made to weaponize a virus so it can kill or at least be dangerous to humans.

According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

In January 2020, within a week of the World Health Organization confirming human-to-human COVID-19 transmission, we urgently mobilized our own resources and the expertise of our partner networks to provide technical support for China’s epidemic response. This work included accelerating research into the epidemiology (the distribution, causes, and risk factors) of the disease, formulating emergency response strategies and implementation plans to slow and control the spread of the outbreak, and encouraging rapid product development in China’s pharmaceutical and medical products industry“.


It‘s known for a long time already that the US has many biological laboratories in Ukraine for development of biological weapons even though EU and the US deny the whole thing, which is usually done in this hybrid war. The EU came up with a website called, all what is connected to Russia is fake according to this site, which is run by mainly Ukrainians.

The biological laboratories are funded by the US, none by the EU, through the US Department of Defence. The laboratories are located in Odessa, Vinnytsia, Uzhgorod, Lvov (three), Kiev (three), Kherson, Ternopol, and near Crimea and Lugansk. The biological laboratories in Ukraine were built during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko and the premiership of Yuliya Tymoshenko in 2005 (George Soros Orange Color Revolution).In January 2016, 20 soldiers died from an influenza-like virus in Kharkov and more than 200 were hospitalised. Two months later, 364 deaths were recorded in Ukraine. In 2017 there was an outbreak of Hepatitis A. In the summer of the same year, there were also ones in Zaporozhye and Odessa, and in the autumn, in Kharkov. They were most likely all accidents, like what happened most likely in Wuhan with the man-made COVID-19 virus. Extensive research about Ukraine was done by the Stalker Zone.


Let‘s face it, it had to happen one day or another. Until now it was all top-secret, the biological weapons of mass destruction. The scientist know, the politicians know and the deep state knows that it had to go wrong one day and it did most likely in Wuhan. How and who did it is something what we will not find out now, but maybe in 10 years or so , which is usually the case with cover-ups. But is that important? It‘s not important actually, but why do people mess around with biological weapons of mass destruction? They are harmful, maybe more than chemical weapons of mass destruction. Why didn‘t sensible people, who supposedly govern us the people, do anything about it? They knew it can destroy mankind. So who is to blame? All of them who are in power around the world are to blame. They had to stop it and should immediately stop all the research on biological weapons of mass destruction.

Thank God, as I and many of us are guessing, it was not the ‘big‘ one. Millions of people haven’t died from it and it turned out to be a ‘bad‘ flu-like virus. But let it be a lesson for us the people and the ones in power. We the people must demand that all governments stop producing biological weapons of mass destruction and people in power should let it sink in that their families are also the victims in the long run! Also, the use ofmNRA vaccines on people who are only mildly affected from the biological weapon should be stopped immediately. The mNRA vaccine is another biological weapon. As a cure for a bioweapon, is harmful, it will eventually change your genetic code and do more harm than good! It‘s a medical experiment because we never had the release of bioweapons before on a large scale. It‘s the profit-making of the pharmaceutical industry on the lives of people!

By Sonja van den Ende Via