Jovita Moore: Atlanta News Anchor Develops Two Brain Tumors 12 Days after Second Experimental Pfizer mRNA Injection, Still Recovering from Surgery

A 52-year-old new anchor is still recovering from a condition that mainstream media and her fans are dismissing as pure coincidence.

Ms. Jovita Moore is the evening news anchor for WSB-TV Channel 2 News in Atlanta. She’s work at the station since 1998 and has held the evening anchor position since 2012. Ms. Moore received the second dose of experimental Pfizer mRNA on April 2, according to her Facebook page. Her Facebook post that day is full of sad, dramatic irony.

She said that she wants to lead by example and help those who are undecided make their decisions about the shots. Ms. Moore also said she will be outside again in 10 days when she’s “fully vaxxed.” She also said she is excited about hanging out with fellow “vaxxed” friends, but will still wear masks out on public.

Left is the second shot from April 2. Right is the first shot in March.

Less than two weeks later

Things quickly spiraled downward from there. Ms. Moore told her Channel 2 co-anchor Justin Farmer that she was suffering from headaches on Monday, April 12. She told the news station that she was suddenly “forgetful, disoriented and just not feeling like myself.” She reported almost losing consciousness and passing out at a grocery store later that evening.

Doctor performed an MRI on Tuesday, April 13 and found two tumors in her brain. She described them as “masses.”

She underwent brain surgery on Friday, April 15. Ms. Moore was discharged from the hospital on or around April 30. Doctors gave her a recovery time of eight to ten weeks after surgery. If that’s the case, she should return to work at the beginning of July.

Ms. Moore posted a family photo to Instagram on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9 and thanked everyone for their well wishes. All of her social media accounts have been silent since that time. There have been no further updates from Channel 2 either.

None of the mainstream media outlets that have covered this story mention the experimental mRNA shots at all.

Brain tumors or blood clots?

Ms. Moore has worked in mainstream media for more than two decades. She knows her role not only at Channel 2, but also as an ally of big pharma. She mentioned nearly every symptom that screams blood clots in her brain as a result of mRNA shots. Granted mainstream media focus on AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA when they speak of “rare blood clots.” But Pfizer causes blood clotswith about the same frequency.

Ms. Moore made certain not to say the word “blood clots” as likely instructed by her employer. She also has not said the word “cancer,” or at least said that her tumors were benign. But let’s, for the sake of argument, say she did in fact develop brain tumors just two weeks after the second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot. The American Cancer Society says exactly this:

Brain and spinal cord tumors, like other tumors, are caused by changes in the DNA inside cells. Cancers can be caused by DNA changes that turn on oncogenes or turn off tumor suppressor genes. These gene changes can be inherited from a parent, but more often they happen during a person’s lifetime.

It’s usually not known why people without inherited syndromes develop brain or spinal cord tumors. Most exposures that cause cancer, such as chemicals in tobacco smoke, somehow damage DNA. But the brain is relatively protected from most cancer-causing chemicals that we might breathe in or eat, so these factors are not likely to play a major role in these cancers.

The Mayo Clinic also says brain tumors form “when normal cells acquire errors (mutations) in their DNA. These mutations allow cells to grow and divide at increased rates and to continue living when healthy cells would die. The result is a mass of abnormal cells, which forms a tumor.”

Real-life clinical trials continue

Obviously synthetic mRNA and DNA viral vectors are gene therapy, no matter how many times Fauci and mainstream media shamelessly deny it. If Ms. Moore did in fact develop brain tumors as a result of the experimental gene injections, it is a first, at least as far as our coverage.

The clinical trials for all these experimental shots are ongoing through 2023 and longer. We’re all learning in real-time as millions of human guinea pigs proudly volunteer as test subjects, and virtue signal their ways to a little social media clout.

It’s up to all of us to keep our feet on the gas pedal. This entire COVID-19 agenda is crumbling as the truth continues overtaking mass manipulation. Do your part by continuing to share and discuss this blog. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.