Why the Push for the Jab?

One wonders – or ought to wonder – why the “vaccine” is being pushed so aggressively, via the carrot and the stick.

Given the fact that for most of the population, the “vaccine” is a thing they ought to fear more than the ‘Rona – which is known to not be a mortal or even serious health threat to most of the population. If you’re not very elderly or already very unhealthy, as via obesity and all the related disease processes, your chance of not dying from the ‘Rona is better than 99.8 percent.


Assuming you even get sick from it (most haven’t).

This is a fact, conceded by the “science” – though for some strange reason when the “science” doesn’t support a hysterical response, it is ignored. And the hysterical response insisted upon with even greater hysteria.

As in the “case” of continuing to force people to stand six feet apart and to wear an Obedience Cloth over their faces, in spite of the fact that neither of which “practice” has been shown by facts to have any scientific support as regards preventing or even reducing the spread of respiratory viruses.

Especially in “cases” of people not being sick in the first place..

Yet millions of people sick in the head cling to their kabuki rituals – as Linus clings to his blankie – because it makes them feel safe and these feelings take precedence over facts, over the “science” – when it makes these afflicted creatures feel uneasy.

Worse, the people who do appreciate facts – and know there is no “science” supporting kabuki such as standing six feet apart and wearing Obedience Cloths – are heavily pressure-shamed to “practice” Kabuki for the benefit of the feelings of the mentally afflicted.

Who are now applying the same kind of pressure to force healthy people at little risk of even getting sick and almost no risk of getting dead – from the ‘Rona – to assume the unknown risks of “vaccines” that were rushed to the “front lines” at “warp speed,” with no long-term testing done beforehand and legal immunity from any consequences – including death – of having this experimental medicine injected into their bodies granted to the companies that developed them.

It makes no sense.

It is like insisting that people who haven’t got cancer ought to queue up for chemotherapy. Weirder than that, actually – because we know pretty well what chemo does to the human body.

We do not know what the “vaccine” does to the human body.

Well, we do know that it can kill the human body – because it has already killed thousands of them. The ”science” – CDC, via the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System – admits this. More than 3,632 so far in the United States, though great pains are gone to not to blame the “vaccine” for people who were healthy just kind of dying within hours or days of receiving it. Which ought to tell people something given the effort to associate practically every death with the ‘Rona last year. People in their 90s didn’t die of old age – they died of ‘Rona. Young guys killed in motorcycle crashes didn’t die from accident trauma; they died of ‘Rona.

But a teenager who dies a day after getting the “vaccine” just died.

healthy teenager – who needed a “vaccine” for the ‘Rona like Michael Phelps needs a life preserver to walk by a baby pool.     

Yet teenagers (and younger) are being particularly targeted for the Jab, by a truly disgusting variant of psychological abuse. No school for you! No fun for you! Concerts off limits; forget going into bars with your friends. Want a date? Get the Jab!

But what does it mean?

It could mean something as simple as money-grubbing. It’s been reported that the Jab has made half a dozen new billionaires – people working at the pharmaceutical companies, who are now enormously wealthy because of all the money being transferred from the government – via the taxpayer – into their pockets.

This is not just a one-shot deal, either. If the principle of mass Jabbing – enforced by the “private” sector acting as the government’s enforcer, which government is bought and paid for by these pharmaceutical companies – is established as acceptable it will become normal and regular.

More Jabs, more cash.

It could be as simple as that. It is known to be the reason for government-enforced “health care” – i.e., being forced by the government to send money to health insurance companies, who may or may not pay for medical care, at their discretion. When people weren’t forced to pay for “health care,” medical care cost less and was easier to get because the health insurance combines made less, being unable to force anyone to pay them.

Being able to force your hand into people’s pockets tends toward the opposite of that effect.

The financial incentive for mass – and mass recurrent – Jabbing is real and that alone ought to get people thinking but that is hard to do when people are terrorized, traumatized and made to feel guilty for questioning the imposed assumption of unknown risks for little, if any benefit – and knowing that they’ll be punished for being “hesitant.”

There may also be something else behind all of this. It is something one hesitates to mention because it is so unfathomable as to be almost unbelievable. Until one remembers what some people are capable of. And of what they have done, when they have had the power to do it.

One does not want to deal with the possibility that those trains they’re demanding we board – so to speak –  are taking us to our death. It can’t be. No! They’d never do that. It’s impossible! It’s inhuman.

We may discover it is possible. Because there are inhuman people.

And they have power. Which they have already used.

What do we say about the people who have purposely mass-terrorized an entire planet? Who have deliberately exaggerated the risk of ‘Rona? and who are now insisting that young people who have an almost zero chance of getting sick get injected with something that might make them dead?

That everyone must “Jab up”?

It is hard to believe such a thing might be possible – again. And, worse.

But it’d behoove us to start thinking it might just be.

by Eric Peters