SPIEF-2021: How To Launch The Global Economy After The Pandemic

Such periods in the world system, when the confused world does not quite know what it will look like tomorrow, become historical milestones for future breakthroughs.

The XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) opens in early June. The very fact of holding such a large-scale event, after overcoming the peak of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia, indicates an equally large-scale work of Russian specialists in the field of healthcare. They have something to share among other leaders of the world economy.

By definition, holding the forum will have a positive impact on the global economic process, as businesses will have to carefully assess the scale of the recession caused by the unplanned coronavirus failure, and determine recommendations for an early exit from it, and with the least financial costs. It is necessary that the virus in the purely medical sense of the word does not turn into an economic “virus” that will begin to devour entire industrial sectors.

But the SPIEF is not just one solid economy, as some might think. This is a natural link between the economy and science, politics, society and other areas of global cooperation, including the inter-regional aspect. This connection is especially necessary for the countries of the European Union, the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world, which, due to its geographical location, has always been carried out by Russia. In this sense, the forum is the most optimal international negotiation and business platform, within which professional discussions almost always end with specific transactions, contracts, and agreements.

Such periods in the world system, when the confused world does not quite know what it will look like tomorrow, become historical milestones for future breakthroughs. And SPIEF-2021 provides a good opportunity for this, since not everywhere in Europe and Asia business forums open their doors hospitably. In Europe, the doors of even the smallest cafes are still closed somewhere, not to mention exhibitions, meetings and other public places.

Around the same time, the world-famous period of St. Petersburg’s “white nights” begins with the SPIEF. This time, after the severe pandemic of 2020, this symbol looks even brighter, as if signaling that night is always followed by day. Everything depends on the decisions that will be taken during the forum and have every chance to become a program for the world economy for years to come.

But someone here is also trying to tint the situation with black. An attempt to demarche by some middle-level entrepreneurs, who on the eve of the forum said that they were “demanded money” for participating in the event, looks quite strange. Taking into account the fact that these Russian entrepreneurs regularly, that is, even before the appearance of the coronavirus, made very expensive “packages” as a pass for other, smaller and insignificant, from their point of view, entrepreneurs to their profile events.

Unfortunately, individual, socially irresponsible Russian entrepreneurs often took a narrow view of things, believing that neither politics nor other spheres of life concern them, and with a metal voice demanded “not to involve them in politics”. But now, after the course of global events has linked together all areas, it becomes clear to them that a successful business in the Russian Federation can not be divorced from either the social or socio-political component.

Today, all socially responsible entrepreneurs and politicians from around the world need to come together – and the SPIEF 2021 platform provides such an operational opportunity-to discuss ways out of the existing deadlocks and industry stagnations. There is not a day to lose, as external threats do not become less. And it is not known which of these threats, a pandemic or a war, will be worse.

The beginning of the XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is called upon to stop negative world processes and launch positive ones. It is the duty of the world’s largest companies to contribute to the new trajectory of development. SPIEF 2021 is designed to make history.

By Grigory Trofimchuk Via https://www.oneworld.press/?module=articles&action=view&id=2064