On June 1st, reports surfaced claiming that 60-year-old Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has died after being taken to the hospital on the previous evening.

In a recent video, Nasrallah appeared to be very sick. While speaking he coughed, as he called for creation of a “new equation” and warning that any violation in Jerusalem by Israel would lead to regional war.

In his televised speech, Nasrallah looked tired and exhausted, and he was gasping and constantly coughing between each two sentences. He also had to stop several times to drink water and take a breath during the speech, and apologized for his frequent coughing.

Then rumors began surfacing, claiming he was hospitalized a short time after, and was unconscious and on a respirator. Other rumors claim he was flown to Iran for treatment.

“When holy sites face serious threats there are no red lines,” Nasrallah said. “All the resistance movements can’t sit back and watch if holy sites are in danger.”

There have been multiple reports over the years reporting Nasrallah’s death that turned out to be false, and at this point there is no way to confirm the reports.

Middle East expert Shimrit Meir also confirms there are multiple rumors of Nasrallah’s possible dying or death, but warns there’s nothing official backing it up yet.

Other reports claim that he is in a coma, but not dead.

“The SG’s health has seriously deteriorated and he went into a coma since last midnight, which prompted his supporters and those advocating the ‘resistance’ to offer water and bread hoping for his recovery,” reports said, quoting “reliable” medical sources.

“In the (Beirut) southern suburbs, they are distributing bread and water and praying for his recovery.. it seems that their master is sick and he is now in dire need of your prayers,” writer and journalist Kutayba Yassin wrote.

According to many online, Nasrallah’s latest appearance on the 25th of May suggested he was infected with COVID-19, saying that he “had coughed several times” during the speech he delivered on the day Lebanese celebrate the 2000 Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon, in what is locally known as “liberation day.”

Tweets announcing Nasrallah’s “unconfirmed death” have flooded the internet with many saying that his health “had deteriorated overnight” and that “he has been in a coma since.” Yet, no users have revealed their sources or whether the secretary-general of Hezbollah is being treated in a hospital or not.

Nasrallah has been the leader of the Lebanese-based Iranian-backed Hezbollah since 1992, after the group’s former leader Abbas Al-Musawi was assassinated by Israel in Nabatiyeh to the south of Lebanon, an area that was then under Israeli occupation.

Currently, this is only speculation, as there is no official confirmation as of mid-day on June 1st.