A JPMorgan Icon Quits, And Has Some Parting Words About Cryptocurrencies

For the better part of the past decade, Wall Street traders would end their week with at least a casual glance at JPMorgan’s closely-followed cross-asset report written every week by the bank’s top x-asset strategist, John Normand. But not any more: as Normand wrote in his May 21 note published last Friday, “this is my last research note and video, as I am moving on after 24 years.” In his note, Normand discusses lessons “learned in over two decades with JPM Research, covering cross-asset strategy/asset allocation, Currencies, Commodities and Fixed Income” a period “which covers four business cycles, three US/global recessions and four financial crises (that didn’t cause US recessions), plus hundreds of weekly reports and client meetings.”

To be sure, the 13-page note is a useful reference for finance professionals, and covers various topics including: