On May 26, President of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko addressed parliament, publicly commenting on the incident in Minsk airport for the first time.

Lukashenko began his speech at a meeting with parliamentarians, members of the Constitutional Commission and representatives of government bodies with the claim that his following statements would become the basic principles of the Belarusian foreign policy.

“As we predicted, our ill-wishers from the outside, and even inside the country, have changed the methods to attack our State. They crossed a lot of red lines, crossed the boundaries of common sense and human morality.

This is no longer an information war, this is a hybrid modern war. Everything must be done so that it does not turn into a hot one.

They cannot forgive us, neither “TNT”, nor “Mankurts”, therefore, they are afraid of new revelations in the testimony, both by fugitives and internals.

In the near future, we will present to you, as well as to the general public, everything that they said, including those who were recently detained.

That is why they moved from organizing riots to smothering. They are searching for new vulnerabilities, and it relates not only to us. For them, we are a training ground, a site for an experiment before a battle march to the East. After testing us, they will go there.

I want to remind you that one well-known extremist channel, which is based on the Belarusian issue, but was not created on our land, is already working against Russia, showing the true target of Western strategists.”

*”Mankurts” was KGB special operation that exposed a group of persons suspected of espionage.

* “TNT of protest” special investigation, based on the materials of the State Security Committee that unveiled the activities of the group preparing the explosions and murders in Belarus.

President of Belarus claimed that the message about the bomb on board was sent from Switzerland to the airports of Athens, Vilnius and Minsk at the same time.

He added that there was a terrorist in the plane and that this was known in Minsk and abroad.

“Hamas, not Hamas – today it doesn’t matter” – Lukashenko was cited as saying.

There were 123 passengers from different countries and six crew members on board.

“What should we have done? Especially amid a cascade of threats about the mining of our facilities? In each case, we reacted correctly to the information that we received,” the president said.

Lukashenko highly appreciated the actions of the national forces and designated them as absolutely correct.

President added that the protection systems at the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant were put on high alert during the incident with the RyanAir aircraft.

Lukashenko recalled that Belarus has invited all international experts to take part in the investigation of the incident.

“But we will not be on our knees and make excuses, because there is nothing to apologize for,” the president said. “We are also aware that our prosecutors are not interested in receiving the objective information.”

President of Belarus noted that the West refused to participate in the investigation of the incident with the emergency landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk.

Via https://southfront.org/this-is-war-lukashenkos-first-public-comments-on-ryanair-incident/