Video: Rand Paul ‘Glad’ Fauci Is ‘Finally Accepting Science’

Senator Rand Paul says he’s glad White House medical advisor Anthony Fauci is dropping the mask theater, and is finally accepting science.

Paul has repeatedly clashed with Fauci, with the latter at first denying that masks are just for optics, and then admitting that is exactly the case this week.

Appearing on Newsmax TV, Paul said “I’m just glad that Dr. Fauci has now chosen to accept vaccine science – basic vaccine science says you can’t get it after you’ve been vaccinated; that’s why we get vaccinated.”

“He was performing theater, wearing masks because he didn’t want people to see him without a mask,” Paul noted, adding “It wasn’t the masks worked or that he needed it. You heard the way he phrased it. He didn’t want someone to see him without the mask. So, really, it was theater.”

“If we send them a signal that they’re just making up this science and they’re treating us like imbeciles, and they’re doing things for show, it actually discourages some of the people who are hesitant to get vaccinated,” Paul further argued.

When it comes to vaccines, the Senator said that it should be up to Americans whether or not they get the shot, and there shouldn’t be any mandatory decree.

“I think high-risk people should, voluntarily; I wouldn’t tell anybody they had to,” Paul emphasised, adding “I wouldn’t be out there telling 12-year-olds we’re not going to let you go to summer camp or we’re not going to let you go to school or get on a plane unless you’re vaccinated.”

“We need to really not treat this as a one-size fits all. This really should be individualized, and that’s way healthcare should be in a free society,” The Senator further urged.


Paul again addressed Fauci’s misinformation and months-long mask theater in a later interview with Fox Business: