COVID: The Final Frontier

We often accept even the hardest absurdity of the COVID policy because it happens to others. Only when we are forced to face all the pure nonsense of the lockdown world do we discover the next level of madness. And we can observe it clearly in the example of international travel.

The New Normal

A very popular Scottish blogger and columnist, Craig Murray (who just imprisoned by Brits, formerly a diplomat and a well-known defender of human rights, but genuine ones of both) a few weeks ago wrote two texts in a row, well reflecting the process how so-called normal people come to the awareness of COVID absurdities. Here in the first of them the author (importantly by no means fixated on anti-COVID, skepticism about lockdowns, but not conducting any massive campaign against them) spoke out strongly against attempts to segregate people in terms of vaccination, tests and derivative experiments: “Discrimination against people on the grounds of their health status is not acceptable, while the ever increasing reach of the surveillance state is pernicious. The idea of people without Covid-19 antibodies being treated as second class citizens should be anathema to anybody with concern for human liberty”. Such obviousness, but so rare today, was written by the former ambassador, once a strong opponent of illegal American prisons and bloody pro-Western Asian dictatorships… At the same time, however, the former diplomat made a reservation that he did not oppose the medical requirements when crossing the borders, because he got used to them, often traveling to exotic countries that required an appropriate vaccination package. Poor Craig didn’t know what he was writing about…

A few days later he already knew and wrote another text, full of indignation and surprise, describing something known to every Kowalski who tries to get out of the UK for his father’s funeral in Poland. C. Murray, on his way to Spain for a trial of unlawful American actions against Julian Assange, who was staying at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, was hit by a system, comparing to which Assange’s experiences seem to be just a preschool trial. And it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the known system of, for example, vaccination against malaria before going to tropical forests. “It has taken me six solid hours so far to try to work out the logistics of this. I shall travel via Schiphol and I need numerous covid forms and certificates for British, Dutch and Spanish authorities, for the airports and for the airlines. I also need a covid-19 negative PCR test before the flights in both directions, which must be timed at less than 72 hours before the flight and before arrival.

As the test results take up to 48 hours for me to receive and test slots are heavily booked, this makes timing very tricky, especially as I intend to be in Spain less than 72 hours. You end up with a very narrow window. One of the things I have been trying to work out is whether my test for the return flight has to be taken in Spain, or could be taken in the UK just before I leave, will still be within 72 hours of my return. Several phone calls to government helplines later, nobody seems to know the answer to that one.

Then our ambassador friend went to express the shock caused by Scotland’s special contribution to the lockdown policy, i.e. hotel quarantine. In short, it is that if you land at any Scottish airport, even if you live in Scotland, you cannot quarantine in your own home, but you end up trapped in one of the hotels, paying £ 1,750 for a ten-day compulsory quarantine stay, without visits, under guard, of course without the right to leave, and with the imposed prison menu. However, if you land in England and then catch a plane or train to Scotland, then you can self-isolate in your own garden. But let’s leave the diplomat’s surprise, when we can learn the same facts by entering any travel group on the British FB. And although it is commonly agreed that there is even greater chaos at the borders than, for example, in shops, it is surprising that this part of madness very often finds its defenders.

The Primary Anxiety

My favourite group of cautious ones (you know, those “Oh, don’t exaggerate again! It’s just a couple minutes in mask/ couple weeks of lockdown… Just another few lockdowns… etc.”…; those who wear belt and harness at the same time, just in case), even agree that maybe at some point some of the selected restrictions could be possibly slightly softened and loudly applauds regulations that make it practically impossible to travel abroad without succumbing to COVID rigors. In general, since the beginning of this madness, closing borders, flight bans, quarantines and “COVID passports” arouse relatively the least doubts and objections. Complaints, yes, when someone is forced to go through the reel of research, tests, etc., by himself. But not surprises or opposition. Yet border restrictions don’t make any more sense than the rest. So, they don’t have it at all.

After all, all countries of the COVID zone currently pursue a similar policy, differing in detail such as whether the next lockdown is starting or just finishing. In fact, regardless of what and whether they do something at all, they all have a similar morbidity, a similar rate of infections and deaths, and on such marginal numbers these differences could not be large for society as a whole. In fact, there is NO difference whether COVID is caught in a local grocery store or while on the other side of Europe, and the probability of both of these events is similar. So why exactly do those who cross something as insignificant for viruses as the border have to be examined, tested, ultimately forcibly vaccinated, while those who only go to shops can be saved from such attractions? After all, both of them obey the rest of these nonsense orders: they wear masks, keep a (social) distance, avoid people, etc.

I know, we can’t ask about it, because they won’t eliminate the absurdity at the borders, but will require tests in grocery stores…. This is what the humbug with the app known as “COVID passport” is prepared for. And unfortunately, it will find the same social approval as anything else. And we will eagerly exchange the right to cross the border just for another two months of open pubs and shopping malls. In this case, our primary fear remains the main ally of the COVID policy. The vision of disease, plague as something brought in from outside, from strangers. The dirty, the sick and the bad. Let yourself be isolated from them as soon as possible! Well, when we ourselves want to and demand…

Unfortunately, just as each of these regulations separately makes no sense, when put together, they form a whole of humanity immobilized, under surveillance and subjected to any civilization, economic and technological experiments. And applauding even the closing of the last escape routes …

Nobody Promised Us Anything

From the European point of view, the whole thing looks perhaps even more painful. Here we exchanged our independence for the right to move freely between states. Now we have lost that without regaining independence, neither control over our borders. In fact, now crossing them is not controlled by sovereign nation-states, but by the COVIDian International, whose goals we can only guess. Is it necessary to remember that even the famous COVID app, although called a passport, will not be a product of each government separately, but another deal finalised during this “Pandemic” by global corporations we will be forced to pay for?

Let us also note that all this desperate begging for a “return to normal”, provided sometimes even within these silently degraded societies, doesn’t lead to any promises. No one has ever literally guaranteed us directly that, for example, a 100% vaccination will open the borders forever. On the contrary, it was us, and more precisely those who resignedly extend their arms to vaccinate , who repeated it to ourselves! “I will get vaccinated because they will not let me out of the country… It will probably be obligatory anyway, but maybe we’ll have to pay for that… I’d better go now, for the peace of mind…” – we hear more than once. And yet the fear of the future compulsion, and the hope of release “New Normal“, was due to those people convincing themselves of that.

Welcome To The Present

Unfortunately, accepting even one COVID idiocy opens the door to forcing us to accept all the others. By agreeing to close the borders, we leave the way to the re-closing of shops, hotels and restaurants and restricting access to them for un-apped people. At the same time, we also ignore other businesses made within the lockdown policy. As we have already described in other texts, we do not know for sure if it was the Climate Sect which invented COVID. Certainly, however, this group is at the forefront of doing business on it and pushing their insane ideology through it. The closure of almost the entire globe made it possible to raise the slogan of a climate lockdown, and it does not sound as unreal today as it did two years ago. The closing of the borders meets another postulate that was known for years related to grounding humanity and leaving trans- and intercontinental travel to the elites and the financiers.

Did we notice the facts pertaining to the sudden acceleration of plans to completely eliminate internal combustion cars, once only science fiction, recently a distant future, and today the prospect that we may still have time to buy at most one new gasoline model, and in the next nine years we will be limited by the use of vehicles incapable of traveling more than 500-600 km, and in addition fully under surveillance and even controllable from the outside? The same applies to aviation. Today humanity is still deluded that its tasks will be taken over by the railways, which evokes fond memories and dreams about restoring, in particular, local connections, demolished in Western Europe since the 1960s, and in Eastern Europe since the political transformation in 90s. However, let’s not be under any illusions: the railways are good for today, because they would not be able to bear the streams of passengers changing from cheap airlines. If such capacity regained, they would quickly turn out to be as bad as planes…

Even such an absurdity as the complete elimination of meat from the diet of humans (and pets…) is no longer just a crazy concept of fanatics. In the West, especially, the “pandemic” is still quite seriously connected with…eating meat, and the story of how a Chinese who eats a bat is to blame for everything is doing great. At the same time, it is less important what kind of meat was supposed to cause the global collapse, the important thing was that it was meat!

All our fears added together thus give a picture of humanity immobilized in the most perfect way since the invention of the wheel and the domestication of draft animals. Humanity divided into tribes, but not according to traditional or even ethnic criteria, but under the strict control of the COVID World Government, formed before our eyes by corporations earning money from the “pandemic” amidst insane doctrines, the new economy and as part of the transformation of civilization. Perhaps we will never cross any frontier again because the last one was crossed instead of us.

By Konrad Rękas