COVID INSANITY as a true believer attacks a student [Video]

This is both aggravating and sad. It is sad because what you are about to see is an example of human wreckage brought about by fear of COVID-19 and the constantly whipsawing narrative about what is and what is not safe to do because of this very mild pandemic.

It is also a good study of how effective the American government and woke leaders are at doing the Devil’s work – dividing people one against another.

What happened is this: In a school in Poynette, Wisconsin, a teacher appears to have completely lost her temper upon seeing a student, one who is vaccinated against COVID-19, and is in the classroom not wearing a mask. What happened next is shown in a fragmentary form on Twitter, and we have it here:

It is interesting that the person posting this on Twitter, Simone Hanna, is apparently a Christian, as her background screen on that site features a beautiful Church ceiling, presumably in a Roman Catholic or Anglican temple.

The Gateway Pundit picked up this story:

A video is going viral on Twitter showing an overweight teacher berating a student for not wearing a mask — despite the fact that he told her he is vaccinated.

The incident took place in Poynette, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. The teacher has now been placed on administrative leave.

“I don’t care if you’re vaccinated you little dink,” the belligerent teacher says during the exchange. “I don’t want to get sick and die. There’s other people you can infect. Just because you’re vaccinated.”

The student, sitting against the wall, politely and calmly repeatedly says “okay” in response to the verbal abuse.

“You know what? You’re not a special person around here. You should hear how everybody talks about you around here. YOU’RE A JERK,” the increasingly aggressive teacher shouts.

The student replies that he doesn’t care what people are saying about him, which appears to enrage the lunatic even more.

“You’re a jerk,” she repeats. “You need to have respect for other people in your life.”

It doesn’t actually appear that this woman cares about her health at all, considering the shape she is in — as many on social media were quick to point out.

“You’re not a big man on campus,” she says as the video cuts off.

On Tuesday, District Administrator Matthew Shappell posted on Facebook that the district “is aware” of what occurred and that the unnamed teacher will remain on leave “pending the outcome of the investigation.”

The post read as follows:

Dear Families,

The School District of Poynette is aware of an incident that occurred today, May 11th, involving a teacher and student at the Poynette High School. The District is initiating an investigation and the teacher involved has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. The District contacted the parents and we are taking steps to provide the appropriate support for the student involved.

Thank you,
Matthew Shappell
District Administrator

There is a lot of accurate, but nevertheless derogatory information presented here. The teacher is very overweight, obese even, and as the reader sees above, the social media trolls were very quick to pick up on this with their characteristic snark. I have shown this, but I do not wish to repeat it in such a way. However, one CAN make a connection between the personality types of people who are compulsive overeaters and their mental and psychological fragility, which I have seen evidenced again and again in my work as a paracounselor. This woman has those earmarks in terms of her appearance and her behavior.

However, added to this already built-in instability is the COVID narrative, as given by wokish liberal types like Dr Anthony Fauci, Hologram Joe Biden and most Democrats. It is truly amazing, as this illness has its own political party allies who are all convinced we are all going to… what, exactly?

It isn’t exactly that we will die, it is nonsense – according to our unnamed teacher in this video clip, vaccinated people can get other people sick with COVID. The teacher’s hysteria about not wanting to die is, in a sense, reasonable, if we consider that her leanings are (like many teachers, especially overweight obese ones who think they do the world a favor by helping everybody – but themselves) Democrat (just examine the political makeup of the teachers’ unions! Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourselves!) and, like make such people in the American corp of educators, these folks went lock, stock and barrel for the Imposter Hologram Administration because President Trump was an advocate for true education and personal responsibility.

This is a level of outrage and passion that is religious in nature, as are all Leftist causes: climate change, abortion, drug use legalization, and so on. In the same fashion as most Americans are already about religious ideas and faith, their knowledge on these earlier topics is very small, but their emotional appeal is very large. Anyone armed with real information about climate, abortion, and legalized drugs takes a very informed, rather dispassionate, but different stance.

In a sense, what we see here is a manifestation of many forces the media may not want to talk about: schizophrenic propaganda used most effectively (which has indeed been the case with COVID), the increasing stupidification of many American people, who prefer to be told what to think than to think critically on their own, and the use of ignorance as a source of strength for those in power. Truly educated and intellectually honest people know this, and they know that George Orwell was right:




And this video clip shows these operating principles in use, especially the third one.

Incidentally, today is supposed to be “Worldwide Remove Your Mask Day”, where thinking folks realized that they cannot arrest all of us. The authorities get their power in this issue by making us afraid – if not of the illness, of being arrested, of fines, of losing our jobs and so on.

May it be that today is marked by a great many regular people refusing to abide to the rules of the Great Lie.