Late on May 14, at least three rockets were launched from Syria’s southern region at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

In a brief statement, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said that two of the rockets landed in open areas in al-Golan, while a third fell inside Syria.

The Ministry of Defense of Syria and the state-run news agency are yet to confirm or deny Israel’s claims. Meanwhile, local sources in the western countryside of Daraa reported a number of “explosions”.

The IDF usually respond to any fire from Syria within a few hours. Syrian military positions in the southern region are the go-to target in such cases.

The rocket attack came amid an ongoing Israeli operation against Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The group is a key ally of Damascus and is known to be present in Syria.

Earlier in the morning, Israeli and Lebanese sources reported an Israeli strike on a Syrian town bordering Lebanon. The alleged strike targeted a vehicle that was carrying a weapons shipment en-route to Lebanon.

The ongoing battle in Gaza has led to tensions in the Middle East. A day earlier, a salvo of three rockets was launched from southern Lebanon at Israel. Later, the Israeli military killed a reserve fighter of Hezbollah, who was protesting on the separation line in southern Lebanon. The battle may soon spillover to Syria and Lebanon.