Instagram To Allow Users To Choose From 41 Pronouns – Woke Mob Complains There Aren’t Enough

Facebook owned Instagram has decided to introduce a feature allowing users to pick from a list of 41 pronouns, thus saving on characters in the bio, but the woke brigade has already complained that there are not enough choices on offer.

The photo sharing app announced that the pronouns are to get a dedicated section:

The effort to cater to woke trendies appears to have backfired, however, with many taking offence that their particular pronoun of choice isn’t on offer.

These people will literally complain about anything, even when it’s aimed at pleasing them:

At time of writing ‘squirrel’ isn’t an option. How dare they.

Others bleated about how un-progressive other social media networks are now that Instagram has the feature:

Many pointed out that the feature is useless because Instagram has banned them for posting the ‘wrong’ pictures and stories: