A relative calm took place in Eastern Ukraine on May 9th and 10th.

It wasn’t the result of Kiev’s benevolence, and to respect Victory Day celebrations, but rather to prepare for a working visit of foreign military attachés to the frontline.

Representatives of military-diplomatic missions of foreign countries paid a working visit to the Joint Forces operation on May 11th.

The delegation included Defense Attaché at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Ukraine Captain 1st Rank Björn Wilburn, Defense Attaché at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine Captain 1st Rank Felix Ebestad and Defense Attaché at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Ukraine in Norway Lieutenant Colonel Boye Lillerud.

The Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces, Major General Eduard Moskalyov, briefed the members of the foreign delegation on the current security and operational situation in the area of ​​environmental protection.

The head of the Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Ceasefire and Stabilization of the Line of Demarcation of the Parties, Major General Serhiy Salkutsan, informed the audience about the main tasks assigned to the SCCC and the progress of their implementation.

Also, the delegation of military attachés visited the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that perform tasks on the line of contact with the enemy and got acquainted with the infrastructure and operation of the checkpoint of entry and exit Zolote.

To show off their questionable efficiency to the attachés, the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Troitskoe and Novgorodskoe shelled DPR forces in the settlement of Krasniy Partizan with the prohibited 120-mm artillery.

As a result, 1 DPR soldier was killed, two were injured.

This was then responded to by the DPR, but the Ukrainian side claimed it had been a violation of the ceasefire in the area.

The facts of violations were promptly brought to the attention of the representatives of the Ukrainian side in the JCCC, in order to take timely measures against ceasefire violators and to exclude cases of falsification of credentials on violations of the ceasefire by Ukrainian militants.

The OSCE SMM in its reports also confirms the aggression of the armed formations of Ukraine.

In particular, the OSCE SMM report dated May 10 reports on damage to several civilian infrastructure of the Donetsk People’s Republic at once, resulting from the use of 122-mm artillery by members of the Ukrainian 15th battalion of the 58th brigade.

Hypocritical Calm In Eastern Ukraine Due To Foreign Military Attaché Visit (Map Update)

1. UAF in Opytne shelled DPR positions in Yakolevka with 82-mm artillery
2. UAF in Troitskoe shelled the settlement of Krasniy Partizan with 120-mm artillery and ATGM
3. UAF in Novgorodske shelled the settlement of Krasniy Partizan with 120-mm artillery and ATGM
4. DPR forces in Krasniy Partizan shelled UAF positions in Troitskoe and Novgorodske with artillery
5. DPR forces in Sakhanka targeted UAF positions in Lebedynskoe with ATGM
6. DPR forces in Sakhanka targeted UAF positions in Vodyanoe with grenade launchers
7. DPR forces in Donetsk targeted UAF positions in Pivdenne with a POM-2 mine launcher

  • The recent lull in attacks by the UAF is due to the visit of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish military attachés on the frontline
  • One DPR soldier was killed and two were injured in UAF shelling on Krasniy Partizan and Troitskoe

Via https://southfront.org/hypocritical-calm-in-eastern-ukraine-due-to-foreign-military-attache-visit-map-update/