Initial reports claimed that there were 6, then 9. It became 11, after a report that two students jumped out of a window and died, trying to save themselves.

The Russian news agency Interfax reported that at least 9 people — eight students and a teacher — had been killed in the incident.

While one of the attackers, a teenager, was reportedly detained, Interfax cited a source saying a second gunman could still be in the building. The TASS news agency said the second attacker had been killed.

The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov announced seven dead – four boys and three girls, all – students of the eighth grade. According to him 16 are hospitalized – twelve children and four adults.

The RIA news agency said an explosion had been heard at the school.

The motive for the attack was initially unclear.

A spokesman for the city mayor’s office told journalists that children from the school and a neighboring kindergarten had been evacuated after “an accident.”

The timeline is the following:

The incident began when an armed man approached the school with a weapon. According to a TASS source in the Ministry of Education, the man used an automatic weapon, the attacker opened fire immediately after entering the school through the main entrance.

Eyewitnesses heard the explosion during the shooting at the school.

One of the attackers was detained, according to preliminary data, he had previously studied at the school. The head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, said that the detainee was 19 years old and the weapon was officially registered to him.

The second attacker, after arriving at the school of special forces, barricaded himself in one of the premises, later sources of TASS and Interfax reported that he had been killed.

So far, 11 have been reported dead, 16 hospitalized.

Kazan is in a state of counter-terrorist emergency.

School Shooting in Russia's Kazan Leaves At Least 11 Dead, 16 Injured