Video: Kenyan Physicians Question Gene Therapy Vaccine, Say Powers of the World Are Suppressing Effective Early COVID Treatment

In an interview with Klartext podcast host, Uwe Alschner, frontline doctors Stephen Karanga and Dr. Wahome Ngare of the Catholic Doctors Association say early COVID treatment is highly effective and question whether vaccines—which they say are misnamed and should be called gene therapy—are necessary or safe.

They also say that the World Health Organization has a history of coming to Africa with questionable vaccines and explain why the WHO’s advisory telling patients testing positive for COVID to go home and take analgesics until they have problems breathing instead of immediately treating them with effective, re-purposed drugs, including hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Ivermectin, is wrong.

Watch the interview below.

By Uwe Alschner, Dr. Stephen Karanga, Dr. Wahome Ngare, and Kristina Borjesson Via The Whistleblower Newsroom