Woke Idiot Harasses No Mask Pregnant Woman For Social Media Clout, Fails

A woke idiot harassed a pregnant woman in a grocery store for failing to wear a mask in a bid for social media clout but failed miserably.

The clip, posted to Twitter, shows the man confronting a woman at a checkout while commenting, “No mask, right there. Here we go. Candid camera.”

The woman sardonically waves back at him before he tells her, “I want you to know that your insensitivity is ridiculous,” before going on to blame her for COVID killing his grandparents.

As the woman tries to explain why she isn’t wearing a mask, he tells her, “It’s insensitive and disgusting as a human being for you to show so much privilege.”

Just embarrassed an anti-masked in Wegmans besties pic.twitter.com/ODoXa0We8I

— ✰camxandre✰ (@Bameron2) May 4, 2021

“I’m pregnant,” she woman explains, saying that she cannot risk encountering breathing difficulties.

“Oh congratulations for your pregnancy, it’s ridiculous, you’re on candid camera and I want you to know that,” he responds.

The man responsible for the harassment obviously expected the clip to go viral and for him to be celebrated by the mob, but the exact opposite happened.

The individual responsible for posting the video to Twitter later claimed he was being “attacked by the whites.”

Via https://summit.news/2021/05/06/woke-idiot-harasses-no-mask-pregnant-woman-for-social-media-clout-fails/